Eva felt sorry for her, she had not realized just how powerful Gabriel was.

Lila pushed the files she had been working on over to Eva, ‘There, everything I plan to sell and give up is just fifty two billion; I still need to clear more than two hundred.’

Eva ran her eyes over the document, ‘I don’t understand, “give up”?’

‘I am going to lay off some workers, Wilavega cannot afford them now.’ Lila replied with a gloomy face, she knew what this meant.

‘So the few left would need to work extra harder and with lesser pay. I hope you know what you’re doing Lila, I know as your lawyer, I am in a good position to advice you, but at the end the ball lies in your court. Have you considered talking to Gabriel one on one?’

Lila rolled her eyes, how could her own lawyer take his side?

‘Forget Gabriel, I’ll start the sales today, it should be completed tomorrow.’ She said.

‘What about the remaining money? Where do you plan to get that from?’ Eva needed information to feed her new secret boss.

‘I want to ask the ABMC, my father did a lot of things for them while he was alive; they should return the favour.’ Lila knew how much work her father had put into the building and preservation of the old order of Business men, African Business Men Congress. She had ruled out taking a loan from a bank. By now, most banks knew of Wilavega’s financial capacity, so there was little need to go to them for help.

She knew who would help her, Mr Malika, but she couldn’t mention that to her lawyer, it was something she had to do privately.

‘Look Lila, there’s still time for you to ask for his help, I could go with you if you want…’ Eva tried to persuade her, she knew what it meant to go against Gabriel Smith.

‘My mind is made up Eva.’ Lila sniffed in some air, sleeping with Malika was a terrible option, but this was a game that Gabriel had started and she would finish it.

‘I must address my workers now.’ She rose to her feet, it was a tough call but there was no turning back once she worked out that door.


You are reading Wilavega Trilogy, Book One :
The Inheritance, EP16


‘What’s on your mind buddy?’ Rocky’s eyes were on Gabriel, he was flipping through some magazine pages. He looked angry and bothered about something.

Gabriel threw the magazine on the table and fetched his TV remote.  He had not gotten any information from Eva Benson, he hoped the woman was not trying to play a fast one on him.

Illumination powered the screen, he glued his eyes to the headlines of the day’s news.

‘Eva is yet to tell me what is happening at her end? I hate to be left in the dark; Lila must not pull a fast one on me…’ he said through clenched teeth.

Rocky’s eyes followed  the lighted screen too, ‘Today is the first day, Lila must be very busy with her lawyer; they need to sell off stuff or ask other people for a loan.’

They spoke about Lila’s impossibility to pay up the loan within seven days, Rocky agreed with his friend too, but he felt sad for Lila, he wished she was more humble.

‘Yes!’ Gabriel jumped to his feet as his eyes caught a very interesting headline.

‘What?’ Rocky tore his gaze from the TV screen to his friend who looked like he’d worn a lottery.

‘Look at that, look at that? Every step she takes further brings her down.’ He pointed at a headline that read,

“A hundred workers have been laid off by Wilavega Wine Empire.”

‘That is bad…’ Rocky exhaled.

‘No my friend, can’t you see that the lines are falling into the right places?’ Gabriel reeled in his chair with laughter.

He wondered what Lila’s face would be like when he introduced Wilalila into the market, a crazy idea came to his mind.

‘I can’t wait’ he whispered.

‘Pride goes before a fall…’ Rocky kept shaking his head as they listened to the interview of some sacked workers.

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‘Rocky, please get me my Public Relations Officer and my Marketing Strategist, this is the best time to plunge my net into the deep.’ Gabriel took out his phone after dishing out the instruction.

‘Okay boss.’ Rocky sighed and got on his feet.

Gabriel had began to dial Eva’s number, but the knock on his office door stopped him.

‘Come on in.’

‘You! I was about to call you…’

Eva marched towards a chair confidently and sank into it, she dropped her briefcase on the table and took out a file.

‘Good afternoon.’ She greeted.

‘Save the greetings, what do you have for me?’ he played the table with his slender fingers.

‘You’re so impatient, like a man on heat.’ She sneered.

‘Oh yes Eva, I am a man on heat, your silence only flames my wanton passions…’ he was flirting with her now.

‘I am married.’ Eva raised her left hand to show him her band.

‘Kidding, you’re not even my type.’ Gabriel laughed.

‘I know…I know your type.’ She got bolder.

‘Excuse me?’ Gabriel’s mood switched as he sensed she wanted to tell him something he didn’t want to hear.

‘Lila Welsh, I think you’re going through all these trouble because you are drawn to her and I feel, she feels the same way about you. That is the reason she is so proud, she does not want to give you the satisfaction.’ Eva was smart, she had known there was something more between these two.

Lila’s refusal to consider any advise she had offered was a naked sign.

‘Whatever, just give me what I need.’ Gabriel was tired of hearing that.

What made Lila Welsh feel so special? He would humiliate her pride; he would tear it into shreds and after he was done, she would beg for his love, just the way other women did.

To be continued…………

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