‘She plans to sell properties; If you’ve seen the news, you must have heard about the recent lay off, of a thousand workers. Everything sums up to fifty two Million…’

‘Hmm…’ Gabriel rubbed his chin slowly, game was in his favour.

‘Where does she plan to get the remaining two hundred and something Million to make it three hundred?’ This was what he needed to know.

‘She plans to ask the ABMC, for some money.’ Eva replied.

‘She won’t get it.’ Gabriel knew of the association, though he was not an active member.

‘I know they have a lot of money, but once they realize how much debt she is in, they may not give it to her.’ He buttressed his point with this fact.

Eva shook her head in rebuttal, ‘Her late father was an active member, he had offered the organization lots of money; he had helped a lot of business men who suffered financial issues. They will help her.’

Gabriel felt his heart beating, he couldn’t let this happen. He wanted Lila to surrender her will and bow before him, only then will he show her mercy.

‘One more thing…I don’t know if this matters but I got the information from Sade, her best friend.’ Eva had been told secretly by Sade to dissuade Lila from sleeping with Mr. Malika.

‘What’s that?’ Gabriel asked.

‘I was told she plans to sleep with Mr. Malika Dogon, the oil mogul from Botswana for the rest of the money; I don’t know how true this is…’ she trailed off as she saw a look of anger cloud Gabriel’s face.

Anger shot through his veins as he thought of the vile man, everyone knew about his philandering ways; Gabriel was no saint, but he was not the type to force a woman into his bed by raping her or even a child. How on earth could Lila consider such an option?

He clenched his fists as he imagined the pervert kissing her body or even going close to her.

‘Did I say anything to upset you?’ Eva asked.

‘No…call me if you have anything else.’ Gabriel replied in a cold but infernal voice.

Once the lawyer was out, he took out his phone and dialled Simone’s number.

She had dated the man some years back, she had later opened up to him about the way he brutalized women.

He also felt bad for pushing Lila into such an act of desperation, but it wasn’t his fault that she refused to humble herself.

He couldn’t let her spilling of liquor on his shirt go…no, she had to pay for that.

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Simone could help him track the man’s number and his whereabouts, he needed to stop Malika from meeting with Lila. He hated the thought of that man…touching her

He slammed the phone angrily on the table as she failed to take his call.

He forced his eyes close, but he couldn’t stop thinking of Lila being with Malika or other men. Was this jealousy or what?

‘come in.’ Gabriel’s eyes flew open as his Public Relations Officer and his Marketing Strategist walked in with Rocky.

He was happy they’d come, that would distract him a little from Lila and who she chose to give her attention.

“Good afternoon Sir.” The men chorused.

‘I need you to put heads together and come up with a strong and powerful advert,  we have a new product that will take the Flames brand to the apex.’ He rose to his feet and took out the bottle of Wilalila.

He offered both bottles to the men, who exchanged glances at first and then smiled at each other.

‘This is perfect!’ The Marketing Strategist said.

‘Thank you.’ Gabriel acknowledged the light praise with a nod, he couldn’t wait for the next day.


Day two

Lila  stared at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and knew that the situation of things had taken a heavy toll on her. Her blue eyeballs were slowly turning indigo and her eye lids were puffy and reddish. Her lips were pale, her skin looked like it had been drained of blood.

‘Bastard.’ She hissed angrily as she thought of him, he was giving her sleepless nights.

She wrapped herself round in a pink towel and left to dress for work. She had seen the news; she had seen how the workers were releasing curses upon her for her “wickedness” and their undue dismissal.

She knew they didn’t  understand what was going on and she did not blame them.

Everything began the day her father had decided to get a huge loan without her knowledge. She still wondered what he used such a huge sum of money for; because last she checked, there had not been major changes in Wilavega.

Lila decided she would hire a private investigator to check what her father had been doing behind her back, but that would be after paying off the loan.

She caught her friend fiddling with her phone out of the corner of her eyes. She knew Sade was still mad at her, but she didn’t care anymore. She had to do what had to be done.

‘Still not talking to me?’ Lila smiled kindly as she poured a generous amount of lotion into her palms.

She sighed as Sade ignored her totally, instead she began to hum a song.

‘I know you think I am doing the wrong thing, but you’ll see the results soon enough.’ Lila said.

Sade was listening to her, she was mad that Lila had refused to change her mind.

‘When do you plan to meet him?’ Sade asked.

She had told Eva about Lila’s plan to sleep with Malika, Eva had showed interest and had given her a little assignment to get information about their place and time of meeting.

Sade knew Eva would stop Lila from doing something stupid, so she was no longer pissed off like before.

‘I don’t know yet, but I will call him later in the day…’ Lila replied.

‘How about the sales of the properties? How is that going?’ Sade asked.

Lila’s face lit up as her friend began to show interest once again, ‘Eva is working on that, she would get some profession realtors and marketers; my job now, is to find the other part of the money and that’s were Malika comes in.’ She replied.

‘Can you just stop talking about that pervert for a minute?’ Sade rolled her eyes, disgusted by the mention of his name.

‘Sorry…are you coming to work with me? I feel so scared of going back there, I feel like a terrible person sacking all those people.’ Lila pressed a shaky hand on her belly. She remembered the widow that had cried all through the interview; she had lost her husband six months back and her hope had been in Wilavega, but now that hope had been buried.

To be continued…………

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