‘Sure, let me make us breakfast.’ Sade jumped out of bed.

Lila could be tough to deal with at times, but she still loved her that way.

Few minutes after she got dressed in something simple; a pair of boots, a denim trouser and a black jacket, she left for the dining room where she would take breakfast with Sade.

It was a simple breakfast.

The large table housed a tray of toast bread and omelettes; there was a flask filled with hot water, for coffee, which she loved and some apples.

‘I am sorry I spoke to you that way at the office, yesterday.’ Lila apologized as she bit into an apple.

‘It’s okay darling, whatever decision you have made, I am right behind you.’ Sade patted her hair gently as she served her a glass of cool water.

Lila noticed something different about her friend, but she didn’t want to voice it out.

Why was her friend so willing to let her do whatever she wanted? Sade was a very pushy person, she could pester one till there was a change of purpose. Lila was not comfortable with her friend’s new disposition, but she decided to let it go.

There was no need fighting her, now, they were in a good place, and it should remain that way.

While the girls ate silently, the gateman came in to deliver a message.

‘This is for you…a guy named Rocky brought it.’ The man handed an envelope to Lila.

‘Rocky? Is he still outside?’ Lila wondered who he was, she had not expected anyone.

‘No, he was in a hurry, but he claims you will understand.’ The man said.

‘Hm.’ Lila had a bad feeling.

‘Come on, open it and let us check it out, if it were a letter bomb, it would’ve exploded already.’ Sade jumped into the matter, impatient with the way her friend was handling things.

Slowly, Lila peeled open the envelop, still not sure of what she would find.

She took a deep breath and went through the writing on the yellow card which had the Flames Logo on it.

It was Sade that first noticed the look of bewilderment that came over Lila’s blue eyes, then slowly cast a shadow over the rest of her features.

‘No…’ Lila’s voice was broken and shaky.

‘What is it?’ Sade rushed and grabbed the letter from her.


She skimmed through it and realized why Lila had reacted that way, her fingers began to vibrate, the paper fell through her hands and met the glaring face of the floor.

They had just been invited to the launching of the Wilalila wine brand.

Lila had underestimated him; she had thought him weak and not capable of doing anything to hurt her.

How on earth could he produce his own brand of wine with part of her name in it? He knew that the sales of her company had dwindled; he knew how much money she was going to lose, should his brand get more welcome than hers.

This was Gabriel Smith spiting her. This had been his intent all along…

You are reading Wilavega Trilogy, Book One :
The Inheritance, EP18

Slowly, her shock transcended to anger and she jumped to her feet and fetched her car keys.

‘Where are you off to Lila?’ Sade chased after her.

‘I need to see that bastard, I need to tell him that his plans to have me beg him or sleep with him would never work.’ Lila replied in a loud voice.

She had seen his true purpose; she now knew what his fight was all about.

Gabriel Smith was a man that always got what he wanted, but this time, he was not going to have her.

‘You cannot drive the way you are…you have to think this through.’ Sade tried to dissuade her from going.

She had not imagined Gabriel would do this sort of thing to her friend, when he knew how much they needed to sell just to pay him back. What he did was despicable, Flames was ten times bigger than Wilavega, so it was needless of him to introduce a brand of wine that could frustrate the growth and reception of Wilavega.

‘I will be fine, just be home in case Eva comes with the marketers and realtors.’ Lila promised her.

She was raving mad, she couldn’t wait to tell Gabriel Smith what she truly thought about him.

‘I’ll teach you a lesson you little devil.’ The tires of her car screeched as she drove away.



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The launching of Wilalila had a massive turnout; the enormous Flames Auditorium which could contain more than fifty thousand people seemed swallowed up. Gabriel could not believe his Brand and Marketing strategists could work so quickly.

The la crème of the society graced the event; it was fully packed with celebrities; he had already greeted over a hundred of them.

He sat on the elevated platform of the auditorium with other members of Flames executive board and some top business men, who were his friends on that side.

Simone kept smiling and taking selfies, she sat next to him and he had no problem flaunting her. He had to make her feel loved so he could get sieve the information that he needed about Malika.

‘I am so proud of what you’re doing darling.’ She caressed his arm.

‘Thanks love…’Gabriel winked.

He had sent Rocky to give Lila an invitation, he planned to visit Wilavega later, but there had not been time. He still hoped she showed up, he couldn’t wait to see how hurt she would look.

‘More wine sir?’ One of the waiters walked towards his table with a Wilalila bottle.

‘Yes.’ Gabriel nodded.

The host of the programme marched towards him and announced it was time for him to give a short speech.

‘Let’s go together.’ Gabriel grabbed Simone’s hand lovingly and led her up to the stand.

Simone wore a blue sequin dress with had golden beads at the helm; she wore a high heeled silver shoe and a blue purse; she looked beautiful that morning and she knew she was the envy of all the women that were in the room.

She noticed a difference in the man that she loved, she noticed how caring and more attentive of his needs that she was. He loved her so much, she could see it in his eyes, maybe that Lila bitch was really not a problem.

She didn’t mind Gabriel cheating on her, but she hated to think him in love with someone else.

The room fell silent as all eyes followed his direction.

Gabriel loved this moment, he loved to rule people, he loved to be in charge and that was happening right there.

He looked really smart and confident in his three piece; the black clung to his caramel skin and made it stand out; his eyes were fiery and piercing. The pants clung to his lean and hard body, revealing his taut and attractive muscles.

‘Good day everyone.’ He grabbed the mic.

‘First, I know you’re wondering who this pretty woman beside me is…’ he paused as people laughed, ‘ she is really important.’ He completed when the music of their laughter had ended.

‘Flames has been a big name in the business industry for a long time; I know our first and major aim was beauty products- perfumes precisely but that has changed. I realized some years back that Flames was not a stagnant body, it had legs, and arms, it had eyes and I was able to see… we could do more than beauty products.

Wilalila is the new brand product, it is an extract of black currant, I am sure you’re enjoying it…’ Gabriel paused and smiled.

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To be continued…………

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