“Yes!” People shouted.

‘I am happy you do, thank you all for coming…’ he paused as a waiter brought two glasses towards him, with a bottle. It was time to drink to victory.

‘Let us drink this together as we herald the birth of WILALILA.’ He raised his glass up and touched it lightly with Simone’s.

“To the birth of WILALILA.” The crowd chorused, this was followed by a thunderous roll of applause as Gabriel walked off the stage back to his seat. The opening ceremony was over, and Wilalila would officially get distributed in the market.

He could spot of some wholesalers and retailers who did business with his company.

‘Once I am done greeting this people, I’ll take you to my office.’ Gabriel kissed Simone’s hand gently.

‘Aw… ’ she purred like a little cat.

Two hours later Lila arrived the massive structure of Flames in Nigeria; she had taken some short routes instead of flying her helicopter.

She had waited in her car for some minutes, watching people walk in and out of the enormous building which had up to fifty stories and a lot of glass windows.

‘Shit.’ She whispered as she spotted one of her employees. Her heart broke as she realized she was going to lose a lot more. Wilalila was a new product and Gabriel would need to hire people to service that line, the thousand workers she had sacked would probably go to Flames for a new job.

The beating of her heart increased, why did he always have to put her in a corner? Wasn’t it enough that she was selling her properties just to pay him back? Lila did not understand why Gabriel was bent on destroying her career.

Surely, this was more than the humiliation of spilling a drink on his shirt.

‘Bastard.’ She murmured as she realized he only wanted her in his bed like other women.

She stared at her watch briefly, took out a scarf and tied her hair so she wouldn’t be easily recognized by anyone especially the media.

Lila Welsh took a deep breath and reminded herself that she had come across men like Gabriel Smith in the business world; men who were ready to take everything away from her  but she had always conquered them at the end.

But a voice whispered that she was lying.

She had never come across any man living that possessed that bold charisma that Gabriel Smith had. No man had such a raw and consuming aura; he was powerful and confident.

Gabriel was a deity in his own world and people were devoted to his worship.

Women offered their bodies in worship and men, his fear was the burden they bore, just to please this deity.

She walked up to a security man and asked for directions towards Gabriel’s office, she knew he wouldn’t disclose such information easily, but she had come prepared.

‘I cannot tell you that, except you have a valid Identity Card.’ The man replied.

‘Hm…I do.’ She dug a hand into her bag and pulled out some paper notes of money.

‘The thirty first floor, room 7’ the man blurted out.

‘Thank you and nice doing business with you.’ Lila gave the man a winked, then took all the breath she needed to face the man that was set to ruin her life at all cost.

Her phone beeped, she took it out immediately.

“Where are you? Eva is home with me. She has sold some properties”

‘Now is not the time Sade.’ Lila licked her lips as she thought of a perfect reply. If she told her friend that she had left for Nigeria, Sade would go berserk.

“I’ll be back soon, just give me thirty minutes. Keep Eva busy. Love you.” She texted back, then stepped out of the elevator and marched to the room with the

Inscription, ‘C.E.O, FLAMES.’

‘I got you.’ She smiled as she neared his door.

‘Excuse me ma’m, you don’t just walk into people’s offices.’ A painfully thin young lady tried to stop Lila from gaining entrance into the office.

But she wouldn’t be stopped, nothing was going to stand in her way; she had a lot of things to tell Gabriel Smith and he was going to listen to her whether he liked it or not.

‘Says who?’ Lila arched a brow as she stared at the lady.

‘You cannot…my boss…’ the woman stuttered as Lila took off her shades. She recognized her immediately as the only female Billionaire in Africa.

‘Good.’ Lila returned her shades and placed her hands determinedly on the door handle. She was saturated with a rage so righteous, one so burning, one that threatened anything that dared to stand in her path.


You are reading Wilavega Trilogy, Book One :
The Inheritance, EP19

Gabriel was feeling a lit bit fatigued after the opening ceremony of Wilalila; he had greeted some of his guests after the party and received a lot of gifts and words of encouragement from them as well.

Some even asked to partner with him, they envied the rising productivity of Flames.

‘Baby, you look tired, why don’t you come home with me, so we could take a shower?’ Simone caressed his beardy face.

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She sat directly on his legs, which her laps boldly exposed as she had shifted her dress backwards. She knew he wouldn’t resist the sight of her body, she missed his touch, she missed spending time with him.

‘I know baby…give me twenty minutes, I need to speak with Rocky about something.’ Gabriel replied.

He knew Simone was eager to get into his bed and he was ready to play along; he needed information about Malika.

‘Rocky? Why do you want to see him?’ Simone asked in a shaky voice.

Gabriel could sense her anxiety, he laughed inside of him. Simone was a naive person, maybe she wasn’t. Maybe she underestimated the bond that existed between him and Rocky. They were more than friends, they were brothers.

‘Plainly business.’ He replied, he realized how relaxed she seemed after that.

‘Alright.’ Simone sighed feeling better.

She would handle that Lila bitch later, she would warn her to stay off her man. She felt so thrilled that Gabriel had introduced her to the world, that was the beginning of good things to come. She would marry him someday, she was sure of this.

Gabriel reached out for her oblong face and caressed her cheekbones gently.

‘Kiss me.’

Simone’s eyes were clouded by arduous desire; they were smoky and brighter from his gentle touch. There was no man like Gabriel, his hands were magic, everything about him was out of the ordinary. He had mastered the act of pleasing a woman.

‘I will do anything for you.’ Her voice was husky, her words were a secret vow she had made within, unknown to him.

Slowly, everything else in the world died; the noise from the streets; the circling of the ceiling fan; the humming of the Air Conditioner; the whispering of the television.

This was their moment, they were meant for each other.

He grabbed her neck gently but firmly and plunged his tongue into her mouth as their lips met at once.

To be continued…………

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