“I was able to hack into their database, don’t ask me how. And I broke Enobong’s password. Again, don’t ask how.” Uneku winked and turned on the laptop.
Uneku was highly efficient when it came to hacking jobs. She knew how to break into a secured site and take information. This was the reason that Madam Jamila valued her greatly.
I wasn’t going to ask how. I wanted anything that would get rid of the pictures that Enobong had about me.
“I would delete everything they have, and they would have to start over again. But you have to be more discreet with your relationship with Dave-T, except you have plans to go public.” She advised.
I nodded, “Please delete everything from their data base.” I couldn’t live in fear. This would teach Enobong Michaelson a lesson and Tatafo Magazine as well. Uneku cast a glance as me and winked.
“I am your friend and would never let anyone threaten you.” In one swift movement of her finger, she clicked SHIFTDELETE. From where I stood, I noticed that thousand of files were being wiped away.
In twenty minutes, everything had been deleted.
“We have to go back to the office now. We’ll talk about Dave-T in the morning.” Uneku wrapped up her laptop and dropped a peck on my chin. I smiled. I felt better about everything.
“You’ll tell us what he is like in bed.” UB winked.
I laughed and waved, as I watched them walk away.
Now that the database of the gossip magazine was gone, I felt safe. My friends still loved me and had my back. I couldn’t wait to tell them all about my relationship with Dave-T(how we met, how it begun, and how he broke my heart).
“Oops,” I kissed my teeth. It was 7:45. I had to dress up. I was halfway to my bedroom when someone rapped on my door. I couldn’t ignore it. I threw my hands into the air and rushed back.
I yanked the door open without peeping through the keyhole. My heart stopped as I stared at the handsomest man in the world, wearing a perfectly tailored tuxedo and holding a glimmering sequin dress in one hand.
“Dave?” My eyes were wide with surprised. I didn’t expect him. He had asked me to meet him at the Crystal Ball Lodge. This was why he’d given me his black card.
Dave raked my body with his dark eyes.
“I know you’re surprised to see me, but I changed my mind. Picking you up is the right thing to do. And why aren’t you dressed yet?”
I blushed as I remembered that I was wearing only G-string underneath.
“I…I,” I bit my lip and asked him to come in.
It was a great relief that the Tatafo online Magazine database had been completely wiped out by Uneku. Now that they had nothing on me, I could move on with my life and my love.
“I got this for you…” Dave said to me. He raised the beautiful dress and my mouth fell open at once. I just couldn’t believe that it was mine. The dress was a Sandra Hills’ dress, and she was one of the new age fashion designers. My mouth fell open as I felt the unbelievable softness of the fabric and the fragility of the diamond studs that clung to it.
I liked it. I loved him. This was very thoughtful and a thousand times better than the black dress that I had planned to wear.
“Also…” he dipped his hand and pulled out a maroon box. I held my breath as I stared at the box. What was Dave up to exactly? I hoped he wasn’t proposing, because I would become anxious. And when anxiety came, I usually suffered panic attacks.
It wasn’t like I didn’t love Dave enough to marry him. I did, believe me. I just wanted us to take things very slow, and get to know each other better. This time, everything would be on grounded rules. I knew all of his friends, and he was going to know mine.
“Open it,” he commanded in a soft voice. He still had that domineering aura about him, but I didn’t care much about it. I loved it. I inhaled a deep breath and parted the little box open. My eyes moistened with bright tears as I stared at the amber diamond earrings and necklace. It matched perfectly with the dress. I just couldn’t believe that a man would spend so much.
As if he had read my mind, Dave moved closer to me and touched my chin with his right hand.
“Look at me baby,” he whispered. Tears were already rushing down my cheeks at this point. I just couldn’t hold them back. I was overwhelmed. I was rendered speechless.
“You deserve everything you’re getting and more. I am sorry that I didn’t ask your consent before getting you these things. I just wanted to make this night special.” He continued. I noticed that Dave was no longer authoritative with me. He was now a soft pedal. It seemed like he was walking on egg shells around me, he was afraid to do or say anything that would get me upset.
I didn’t like that. If he continued this way, he would bore me to death. I wanted him to be real. I didn’t want him to be afraid of losing me.
I dropped the dress and the box on the table.
“Thank you, I don’t know what else to say.” I walked towards him and grabbed his face between my hands. I wanted to kiss him right there and then. I wanted to tell him how much that I loved him.
I searched his eyes.
“Don’t thank me for it. I should be thanking you for accepting my gifts,” He smiled. Dave pulled my left palm and dropped his lips on it. My skin tingled at the touch of his wet mouth. We were treading on a dangerous path of fire and desire.
I swallowed and blinked the tears that had gathered. You can’t blame a girl for being this emotional. Dave treated me like a queen. I was deeply touched by his actions.
“I love you Teni and I would do anything for you.” He dropped another kiss on my face, this time.
My mouth felt dry. All the words that I had planned to say to him had vanished. I was mesmerized by the sweetness of his kisses and the warmth of having him close. I wanted to hold this man tightly. I knew this was fast, but the urge to have him in my bed came.
And I couldn’t fight it…

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“Dave,” I whispered and leaned forward, so the mounds on my chest were pressing against his body.
The contact was firm, and I felt his hardness.
“I love you Teni and I am happy that you have given me a second chance which I do not intend to blow. All I can think of is sweeping you into my arms and leading you towards the bedroom but I won’t that, even if you beg me. I want us to be serious with each other. I want us to love each other, without other vain feelings coming in between.
I will not make love to you, until we are both sure of what we want but I would kiss you.”
He pulled me into his arms without warning and bruised my lips with his hot and wet mouth. I drowned in the sugary taste of his mouth. His breath had a tint of strawberry. Yummy, I could kiss this man all day.
Dave really meant business. I blushed, considering the way he’d blocked my advances. Well, I wasn’t ready to take him to my bed; my lustful desires had wanted to take the better part of me.
Our lips mated for a few minutes, before Dave broke it.
“I am deeply and truly sorry for all the pains that I have caused you. And I promise to make it up to you.”
It was my turn to tell him what I felt.
“I appreciate everything that you’re doing for me, but I don’t want you to walk on eggshells around me. Just treat me right and be yourself. I love you Dave, and my life wasn’t complete when I locked you out.”
He smiled, “Neither was mine.”
Dave pulled me closer and dropped a kiss on my forehead. I wanted him to kiss me again, this time, longer. I closed my eyes and waited. But nothing happened. When my eyes cracked open, I noticed that he had been staring into my face.
I chuckled.
“Why are you staring at me like that? You’re freaking me out.” I shrugged.
“You’re too beautiful Teni. I am proud to have you in my life.” His voice was husky and full of emotion. He was genuine. He was pouring out his heart to me.
With these beautiful words, he had me in his arms again. His kisses had a set the trail for a new era in our love. His promises would never fade. My love for him would never die. Though we had a long way ahead of us, I was confident that destiny had brought us together and we would fight the obstacles that we would encounter on our way to eternal happiness.
“I super proud to have you in my life,” I smiled. I raised my body with my toes and kissed his brows. I couldn’t wait for our dinner at Crystal Ball. It was going to be a long and blissful night.
Tonight, our story would be written in the stars, hidden in the moon and etched in the clouds, for a thousand generations which we would make, and which were to come. And it all began with love at first song.

To be continued…

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  1. hypocrisy in the highest order! she was defending her job claiming she only publishes the truth about others. Her life nko she cannot handle her truth being made public. look at how she panicked.
    whoever wrote this story was very bias. the author defends all the wrong actions of the female lead.


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