‘Just the person we needed, have a seat please.’ My boss offered me a swivel chair that was close to her table as the cushion seat had been occupied by my colleagues.
Truth be told, I was not comfortable sitting to the uptight woman.
‘I called you all here to… tell you about the changes I want to make to your department…’
She had not finished talking when my phone rang. I checked the caller I.D and realized it was Dave-T. He had sent me over fifty apology messages. Gosh, what was wrong with this guy?
‘I am sorry.’ I apologized for interrupting our meeting.
‘No problem, so, I want us to have an erotica column which would explore male and female sexuality. I want a platform where we could talk about the things people are ashamed to talk about. Things like dick size, um, faking orgasms…’
My phone interrupted her again.
I felt thoroughly embarrassed.
‘Um, I am so sorry…it’s my contact for the big story I’m working on.’ I had to explain, because they were all staring at me curiously.
‘Really? Wow, you work fast. Tell me a bit about the story.’ Madam Jamila asked.
I went dumb. I had nothing to say.
‘Um…I don’t want to share it yet till the first draft is ready. Right now, I have data, so I’m still analyzing what I have.’ I dodged her question.
‘Is that so?’ She raised a brow.
‘Yes.’ I nodded.
‘Okay, take all the time you need.’ She shrugged, dismissing the matter. I felt relieved.
Why was he calling and texting a random girl? I was so mad that he would interrupt the meeting I had with my boss.
The yellow sun had metamorphosed into a dirty orange colour. Twilight was swallowing the sunny beauty of the skies. The stars and the moon shared colony as the darkness of the night consumed the universe.
I took a glass of wine to relax my nerves after a tough day at work. The wine made me at ease but I felt horny after the second glass.
I quickly played some music and turned off the lights, I was going to fuck myself tonight. I loved masturbating when I was anxious or confused. It was not mostly about the pleasure; it’s the soothing calm that fell over me after.
I took off my pants gently, casting them to the rug; this was followed by my bra. I was totally naked now.
I licked my fingers one after the other and began to circle my tits.
My laps were firm and toned, my legs were finely shaped. I had an athletic body that was just not powerful, but could turn people on. I explored my beautiful body with my hands.
I dipped the forefinger on my right hand into her wet mouth, and then flicked a tongue over it, gently and easy.
I took the finger out, sucked it slower this time, feeding on its tip till it was gentle enough to work its way into my throbbing pussy which was on fire. My tits rose up to the invitation of desire. My brown eyes were heavily crowded by this wanton urge. I felt like fucking!
I felt like being taken here, right now. I felt like giving in to my darkest fantasies, but there was no outlet for that, so I would do nothing but improvise.
With my left hand I squeezed and rubbed my tits firmly, my lips parted as I let out soft moans.
‘Arrr…’ I moaned louder as I released the wet finger from her mouth, and dropped it on the thick flesh of my laps. The curtains of my womanhood, where already opened, as the sunlight of desire forced its way in. My pleasure button was erect and hard.
‘Ar…’ I circled my cl*t with a finger; sweet delight filled me each time the finger tip would brush past the surface of the cl*t. A river of my nectar flowed freely from the core below…calling, beckoning for my touch.
I rubbed my clit harder, as each touched set me on fire the more.
‘Phew!’ I muttered, I had to go further. I penetrated my palace with one finger first, then another, then another till I was full. I raised my hips a bit higher and began to thrust the three fingers in and out.A burgeoning pleasure took hold of my body, igniting, a wild fire.
I fought to catch my breath as an orgasmic volcano erupted from her abdomen to the rest of her body.
My thoughts briefly strayed to Dave-T…before falling asleep.
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I found myself in a hotel room having sex with my celebrity boyfriend. His rod glided across the wet walls of my palace. I was filled with pure delight. I parted my legs wider, giving him full access to my body. I caressed his head with my palms, gently and softly.
‘You’re so sweet.’ His voice was broken.
‘You too my love…’ I replied.
Suddenly, I found myself standing nude in the middle of the backstage room where I first met the band.
‘Where am I?’ I whisper.
It’s kind of eerie down here as it seems I am alone. My eyes go wild as I search for the entrance. I want to get out of here. I need to get out and find my clothes before someone walks in and sees me.
I start to hear some noises, as I listen carefully; I realize that someone is moaning.
‘What is that?’ I march steadily towards the direction of the sounds, that’s when I see Dave-T and Ariola all over each other.
‘Dave-T, Ariola?’ I call out to them but they don’t seem to hear me. They are so engrossed in kissing and making out with each other just like they do on stage. I feel lost and broken.
I thought they were just friends! I thought they only did that for the show.
Before I know it, the lovers vanish and are quickly replaced by a group of people partying with the rest of the band members. Nobody seems to see me or pay attention to me.
They are drinking and laughing loudly. I find Dave-T in the middle of the guys telling them something funny, from the way they are goading him, he is quite drunk.
‘I told him to pause with the booze.’
I feel a little bit worried about Dave-T.
I gasp and turn around as someone calls my name.
I stand face to face with my boss Madam Jamila who is frowning at me.
‘Ma?’ I take a deep breath, feeling uncomfortable with the way she is looking at me.
‘Without a big story Teni, You’re going to lose your job!’ She yells into my face.
Everything stops. Everyone vanishes and I am left alone in the dark room.
‘Geez.’ I gasped for air as my eyes opened back to reality. What sort of bad dream was that?
I felt horrible as I even played back the scenes. Seeing Dave-T and Ariola together hurt me in a way I never imagined it would. What was worst was Madam Jamila’s threat about me losing my job.
I quickly got out of bed and rushed to the kitchen; drinking some water would help calm my nerves. I was sweating profusely from tension and anxiety.
I was not the type that read meaning to dreams, but, I had a feeling this particular dream was symbolic. I was not over Dave-T like I thought I was.
I had ignored him all day, refusing to neither reply his chats nor take his call and he seemed really sorry for the words he had spoken to me. He showed remorse.I pulled out a bottle of water, opened it and gulped the contents into my mouth, my tummy rumbled, but settled seconds after.
‘Maybe I’m being too hard on him.’
Maybe he was not in the right frame of mind when he made that statement, calling me a random girl. I guess he was high on something.
I shrugged, there were second chances and I needed to try Dave-T out again.
I enjoyed his company. He had a good sense of humour and he was romantic, but the only problem I had with him were the drugs.
I was going to call him immediately I left the kitchen. I needed to straighten things out with him.
I felt refreshed and more relaxed after giving myself a talk. I grabbed my phone and dialled his number. Though it was still dawn, I had a feeling he would wake once he heard his phone ring.
‘Pick up, pick up.’ I drummed my fingers on my laps.
Luckily for me, he took the call on the second ring.

To be continued…

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