‘We need to talk.’ Those were the first words that came out of my mouth.
‘Oh my God Teni, I am so sorry for what I said and how rashly I acted. I am not trying to make excuse, I don’t know what came over me. I just lashed out. I guess I was in a bad mood before that date, but I promise never to make you feel small and unimportant. You’re not a random girl, I take that back. You’re smart and sexy woman and that’s what attracted you to me.’
I tried to cut in but he led the conversation.
Deep down I could feel it, deep down I knew he was sorry for what he did. But I wanted us to be more serious; I wanted commitment from him towards our relationship.
‘Dave…’ I licked my lips.
‘Teni, please forgive me baby. I messed up. We should meet up face to face and thrash things out.’
‘I can’t do that Teni, I…got stuff to do.’ I bit my lip, I couldn’t tell him about my work yet. I wasn’t even planning to tell him about my work till I was sure he was serious about our relationship.
‘Please…Please baby, you can create time. I really need to see you. We really need to talk.’
He was so persuasive and insistent and I found it difficult to refuse the meet up.
‘Okay, but we’re going to trash things out.’ I warned him.
‘I agree. I’ll text you the venue.’ He said.
‘Okay cool, see you later then.’ I replied.
‘Alright, thank you for listening to me. I swear I’d never hurt you again.’
I appreciated his promise and hoped he would abide by it. We said our goodbyes and broke the connection.
‘Phew…’ I wiped sweat from my brows. Then rushed towards the bathroom to prepare for work

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I felt really exhausted after a long day at the office. I avoided my boss, Uneku and Ubong all day as they kept asking me questions about the nig story. Why couldn’t they just wait for it?
I was in the shower now, preparing for my date with Dave-T. I shuddered at the thought of losing my job. Surely Madam Jamila would understand if I failed to come up with something big.
Dwelling on these thoughts was going to ruin my date with Dave-T which was really important for me, so I waved the thoughts aside and focused on my quick shower.It was a cold bath, I usually took a cold bath when I was immensely tensed up, it relaxed my nerves.
I hummedAdditivewhile at it, revelling in the sweetness of the melody all over again.
‘Your love is like Marijuana…ma…ma’
Cold water soaked my skin, softened it, making me feel better. I loved the scent of the jasmine shampoo that I’d gotten for my hair. I felt a little bit excited as I thought about the date now.
I had not seen Dave-T for some days now and I was eager to know what he looked like, how he had fared without me. I realized I had missed him also; somehow Dave-T had gotten under my skin.
Five minutes later, I was done with my shower. I dried my body with my light pink towel and grabbed my hair dryer. I applied coconut oil and my favourite hair cream before styling it. I let it fall; I was going to be simple tonight.
I moved to my wardrobe and took out a milky dress which complimented my deep brown shade. It stopped on my knees, it wasn’t too revealing or suggestive but it was still beautiful. I matched it with a purple sandals and a purple purse.
‘Go girl.’ I winked at the mirror, I would just apply lipstick tonight, I was not in the mood for a heavy makeup. I grabbed a stick of loud red and adorned my lips with it then rushed out of the house as my phone beeped.
I knew Dave-T had arrived and I was thirty minutes late.
When I slid into the car, I checked the message. He had just sent a reminder of the date venue. It was another expensive five star hotel, Blue Mountain…
Getting there didn’t take me thirty minutes.
I felt more nervous the minute I drove into the hotel. I sat for ten minutes feeling nervous.
‘What if I was making a big mistake? What if I just turned round and returned home?’
I had a feeling I was complicating things for myself and my job but I pushed it aside.
‘I can do this.’ I drew in a deep breath, one that reached my longs. I clasped my hands together as they were shaking.
‘Okay Dave-T, I like you and I want the best for this relationship, but you need to reconsider a lot of things…’ I practised what I was going to say to him.
I felt more courageous after. This was going to work out.
                  Davina Diaries Fiction: Springs Of Fire Final Episode
It was not difficult locating home, as I stepped into the Hotel’s lounge. He had carved a niche all for himself. He wore a jean and a jacket, looking dull and sober.
‘Baby,’ He rose to his feet the minute I advanced towards his table.
‘Good evening Dave,’ My heart was pounding fast as I looked into his broody eyes. He looked so harmless, so vulnerable yet tough to deal with.
‘Let’s sit please.’ I pulled a chair and sank in.
‘I am really sorry…’ he was about to rain a heavy dose of apology on me, but I was not having any of that.
‘No, we’re not doing this again. I have forgiven you and forgotten all what you said and did. We’re here to discuss terms for a fresh start.’ I raised my hand to stop him.
He was about to say more when a waiter walked towards our table with a Menu.
‘A glass of orange juice would be fine.’ I smiled at her.
‘How about your sir? What would you have?’ She turned to Dave.
‘Same as her,’ He nodded.
Once the waiter had gone, we resumed our discussion.
‘Teni…’ he grabbed my hands and dropped a kiss on them.
‘I am really sorry. I don’t know where that came from. I just want you to know that, you’re the only woman who I’ve felt something for. The rest were all about the sex and hanging out, but with you is more…I don’t know if you feel the same, but If you don’t, it’s okay. I just want to let you know that you are a special person, not just to me, but to the whole world.’
Tears sprang up in my eyes; I’ve never heard such beautiful words.
‘I feel the same way Dave…but you really hurt me when you called random. I forgot the way you walked out, but that word really stood out. You made me feel like trash, undeserving and unworthy of your attention and time.’ I poured out my heart to him.
‘I am sorry. I would never do that to you again…’he squeezed my hands.
‘I know, but we need to talk about the excessive partying and drugs, and alcohol. I know you are a star and things happening around you can be overwhelming, but it’s not healthy for you…for us. And I want the best out of everything. I just want us to start on a clean slate. If you promise to take it slow and stop it altogether then am your girl.’ I shrugged. I meant every word that I’d spoken to him.
‘I would stop it. I swear to god I will.’ A tear ran down his face.
‘Then we’re back together.’ I announced.
Dave-T couldn’t hold back his excitement; he rose to his feet and walked towards me. He encircled me in his arms and adored my face with his kisses.
‘You’re the best baby, you’re just the best.’ He laughed.
I laughed too; I felt s happy and free.
‘You know what? To take this relationship to a bigger place, I want to invite you to my house.’ He winked.
‘Wow…that’s big.’ I was all smiles.
For Dave-T to do this meant he was serious about us.
‘Once we drink to our reunion, we head there at once.’ I replied, he agreed with me.
Davina Diaries Fiction: Haunted Bride Part 2 Final Episode
‘Is this where you live?’ I walked gingerly into the house; it was so massive and heavily embellished. There were paintings all over the wall, so this revealed a little part of him, he was an art lover.
The floor was adorned with a shiny and rare marble tiles. The furniture were incredibly stylish and had an artistic touch.
There was a Persian rug in the middle of the living room, it had spirally red designs with stripes of gold embedded in it two. I saw his guitar tacked to the wall, silver albums on display.
The living room was clean and smelt of roses. Everything was well arranged and in place.
I quickly moved towards one of the artworks, it was a painting of a woman playing in a flower field.

To be continued…

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