‘You like that?’ Dave-T encircled my belly with his strong arms.
I swallowed and took a deep breath, ‘Yes.’ I pulled my eyes from the painting and moved towards the kitchen, where I found a massive liquor bar.
I scoffed and moved towards the fridge, ‘Can I open it?’
‘You’re free.’ He shrugged.
I pulled it open, eager to see what kind of things he liked.
‘I don’t keep much; I get room service every night.’ He explained as I stared at the almost empty fridge.
‘Fair…’ I smiled and shut it back.
‘You have a beautiful house.’ I told him what I thought.
He moved towards the liquor bar and poured himself a drink. I folded my arms and stared at him with suspicion.
‘It’s just one glass. I’ll keep to my promise.’ He swallowed it up and moved towards me.
‘You’re so beautiful; you don’t even make too much effort. It comes naturally with you.’ He pulled me closer to him and played with my hair.
‘Thank you.’ I smiled and rested my head on his chest.
I missed him, I missed this.
I raised my head and looked into his eyes; the darkness in his orbs almost consumed me. I felt like being with him, I had missed his touch too.
‘I want to make love to you like never before…’ he bit my ear lobes lightly.
My heart raced, my belly fluttered at the thought of being loved up tonight.
‘What are you waiting for?’ I winked.
He swept me off my feet at once and carried me straight to his bedroom where he drove me crazy with his tongue, his hands and his golden rod.
We ended the evening on a good note, watching an old movie together on his lavish black sofa.
Three months had passed after our reconciliation; Dave-T had actually turned a new leaf. He was more romantic and caring. Called me every day to check up, he showered me with gifts.
But soon after, he went back to his old self.
At first I tried to ignore the taste of whiskey on his lips, the smell of pots on his clothes but as I was sitting inside his car with evidence, I didn’t know what to do.
Tears stung my eyes as I stared at the envelope I’d found in his pigeon hole. It contained white powder which I was a hundred percent sure was coke or some other stuff.
We had just left his house for a date in a park, but he had stopped to check his tires. I got curious and started to sniff and that’s when I’d found it.
I couldn’t take this anymore. I had to confront him. I hated lies.
‘Dave?’ I jumped out of the car and rushed to the back.
‘Yes, you okay?’ He looked up from where he squatted with the face of an angel.
‘Have you been lying to me?’ I blurted out.
I was not naive. I knew when a person was being shady and evasive. Though I’d ignored the signs at first, I was giving him time to…change, I guess, but that didn’t seem to be working fine.

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‘No, what’s the problem?’ He straightened and approached me.
‘You made me a promise; you are not keeping to it.’ I said to him.
‘Look Teni, I don’t know what you’re talking about, it would help if you are more specific.’ He was sounding defensive now.
‘Okay, let’s forget we had this conversation.’ I wiped my eyes and returned to the car.
Gosh, he was such a terrible liar. He was so unrepentant. What was I going to do?
I’d given my heart to this guy, hoping he would not be as dishonest like the men in my past, but he was a total asshole.
‘You’re not talking, what is it?’ Dave-T asked.
‘What am I supposed to say Dave?’ I murmured.
Indignation coursed through me, I had to stand up for myself. I was one person who couldn’t tolerate lies and deceit. I liked him, but I was not ready to put up with his nonsense.
‘You know what? Pull the car over.’ I said to him.
I knew he had been drinking and taking drugs, I’d seen some traces in his department before now, but I’d turn a blind eye to it.
I’d acted indifferent and that was not cool. I didn’t want this to become an abusive relationship, I didn’t want to get stuck or some out damaged. There was only one way out.
‘What?’ Dave-T was amazed at my request.
‘But we are not yet there.’ He argued.
‘Pull the damn car over David Teju.’ I snapped at him.
I had a feeling he knew what was coming, but played it cool.
He finally rolled the car over and I made for the door. This was the last opportunity I had to leave and I was never going to look back or regret anything.
‘What is it Teni?’ He rushed to my side of the car.
‘I don’t think we are good together. I don’t think we would work either. This thing would not take us anyway so it’s best I save us both the misery and end it here.’ I replied.
He swallowed and rushed to touch my face but I quickly moved away.
‘Please don’t say that, I…I can’t be without you.’ His voice was husky with emotion.
‘Really Dave? I knew you would say that. You’re such a terrible liar and a deceitful person. I feel bad for you.’ I lashed at him.
‘Please…don’t do this.’ He begged.
‘You’re the light in my world. When you stepped in, everything changed for the better…I really care about you.’ He went on his knees.
‘I can’t I am sorry.’ I wiped my face with the back of my hand. I really wanted to be with him, but he was just too broken to be with anybody. He had to fix himself to be able to maintain a healthy relationship.
He was still the same old egomaniac. He hardly asked after me, he only cared for himself and his incessant partying which he refused to stop.
‘I told you to drop the drinking and the drugs. I can’t be with you and still be with that…you had a choice Dave, you know what is important. You know what is of a greater value and you made your choice.’ I shrugged, though I felt hurt, I knew deep down that I was saving myself from future disaster.
I was doing the right thing, walking away from this toxic relationship.
‘I…am sorry baby. I promise to be more caring, I promise to change, to abide by your rules…’
‘Hey, you’re going to work on yourself. You need to fix yourself else you’ll always end up a loser. You’re never going to make anything good last if you keep heading this path.’ I sighed with relief, knowing I’d let him go. I’d forgiven him for wasting my time and my emotions.
Being with a man like Dave-T had taught me a lot of lessons.
‘Goodbye forever,’ I waved a cab and jumped in.
I cried all the way home.

To be continued…

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