After waxing and getting my nails and hair done, I’d gone home to take a nap. I needed to feel and look relaxed for my date tonight. I had fallen into a deep sleep and I was awoken by the gentle breeze that danced into my bed from the window. I pushed the bedcover off my legs and rose to my feet.
I felt thirsty, but that could wait. I moved towards my window and parted the clouds. The clouds were a sweet concoction of orange, purple and white. Twilight was pushing the sun away. The moon would soon take the sky as hers. Nature was beautiful.
I hadn’t felt this happy for a long time. I slowly realized that my life had been on a stop, after my break up with Dave-T. I had been floating, existing, instead of living. He had hurt me really bad, and it had affected me in so many ways. I had covered the hurt with my job, but that still didn’t take it away.
“I love him,” my lips moved in silent confession. I still had my reservations, but they could wait. This was the third chance that I was giving him. I was convinced that he had changed for the better. For Dave-T to abandon his security men and walk into the streets without any form of protection, just to see me, I knew that he was madly in love.
I would give him another chance. It felt right this time. I had forgiven him for all the pain that he had put me through. I had forgiven him for all the mean things that he had said about journalists. I couldn’t wait for tonight’s hangout. I would weigh his personality and attitude.
I sighed and pulled away from the window. I stared down at my glistening toe and finger nails. I had chosen to paint them with a neutral and mild color. I would wear a black dress, only because he had asked me to dress up. Normally, I didn’t do serious dates. I loved to go simple, on jean and sneakers.
The massage and rest that I had made me feel refreshed. All that was left was a bath. And I would take it now. As I walked towards the bathroom, my phone rang. I’d wanted to ignore it.

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“Who is that?” I decided to take the call. To my surprise, it was Uneku. I quickly tossed the phone on my bed and rushed to the bathroom. I quickly remembered the little drama that had taken place at the restaurant earlier. I didn’t want anything to spoil my mood. I had to be very careful. After my dinner, I could face my friends later.
I rushed in and turned the shower. Warm water pelted my skin. And I found myself singing love songs as bubbles floated all over the bathroom. A woman in love was a singing woman. I was in love. I was happy. I was a singing woman.
I didn’t waste time there. I rushed out with my towel, only to meet my phone blinking. It was UB, this time. My friends were really trying to reach me. Before I took a decision, whether to take their call or not, I had to check the time first.
“The dinner is for 8P.M and this is 7.” I had one hour to spare. I still felt guilty for not being truthful with my friends from the beginning. If they hated me for that, I couldn’t blame them much. I had been too absorbed in my own self and everything that had been taking place in my life to care about them.
I took the call.
“Good evening Teni. I am really sorry about what happened. I am sorry for keeping that part of my life away from you. I thought you’d judge me for being divorced. I was scared and confused. I didn’t know who to turn to. You seemed far away and deep into your own problems, but Uneku was always there. And that’s how the flame sparked…”
I felt bad as I listened to my friend. I wasn’t judging them at all. I had no right to judge anyone. I was the guilty one here. I hadn’t cared about what went on in their lives and I had kept my relationship with Dave –T a secret.
“Are you there?” I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that was Uneku’s voice. I missed my friend.
“Look, I am sorry Uneku. I didn’t mean to keep my relationship with Dave-T from you all. I just didn’t know if it was right.” I apologized, and hoped that things would go back the same.
From the tone of her voice, she was smiling. Uneku was a nice person and so was UB.
“We aren’t angry anymore, but you should learn to trust your friends more. Right now, we are at the front door, and we have come to tell you something very important. Open up…”
“Wait, you’re at my house?” I laughed. I guessed Uneku was pulling a stunt. I rushed towards the window and found a blue Toyota at the front of my house. I quickly unwrapped from my body, the towel and tossed it on the bed. I slipped on a black G-string and a black bra. I grabbed my house robe and rushed to open the door.
I couldn’t wait for this news! Were they getting married? Don’t blame me for thinking about marriage first. After all, I am a Nigerian and marriage is heaven and earth for us.
I pulled the door open and threw my arms over my friends. We chuckled and yelled like kids. When the embrace was broken, I noticed that Uneku had come with her laptop.
“Are you two getting married?!” I blurted out. My friends rolled their eyes and laughed.
The laughter from Uneku’s eyes quickly vanished and I wondered what had happened. Why was she so serious?
“Have you heard anything about anyone like Enobong Michaelson?” She asked.
How could I forget that annoying snitch from Tatafo who had come to threaten me?
I told my friends about our meeting after I had interviewed Dave-T. She had seemed to know a lot about me. She seemed like a stalker. What scared me most was that she made a statement, which caused me to suspect that she knew about my relationship with Dave-T.
No one could know about that, except my friends, of course.
“When you left the restaurant, a tall and slender lady walked up to us with a smile that was too perfect to be true. She introduced herself with us and dropped the bombshell. Tatafo Magazine is biting more than they can chew. She knows about your relationship with Dave-T and she is threatening to publish a story about it.”
I knew it! I had seen this coming. My face paled as I imagined what my life would be like, should the story of my relationship with Dave-T come out. I would no longer have my privacy. The Paparazzi would follow me around. I could even lose my job, because Madam Jamila was a very impatient woman.
“This is not cool, God!” My belly ached from anxiety. I couldn’t handle the very same Media that I worked for.
“Take a deep breath,” UB came over to my side and put his arm around my shoulder.
“How can I breathe? When my life is about to fall into pieces? Do you understand what that means?” I blinked the tears that had gathered in my eyes.
“Of course we understand, and we came here to handle it.” He replied.
Uneku ignored my tears and walked towards the table, where she dropped the laptop.
“I had no option but to tell Madam Jamila everything that was going on. This Tatafo reporter had threatened Golden magazine. We have to do everything that it would take to save your relationship and the magazine that we work for. To that tune, Madam Jamila had given us the go ahead to do everything and anything that would help us.”
I cried silently as I listened. Tatafo Magazine was ruthless and cruel. The magazine had been sued many times for writing fake stories about celebrities, both locally and internationally.

To be continued…

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