I am on my way to Blue River, where I am supposed to have dinner with Dave-T, I feel nervous, what would be spending time with him feel like? It’s been a month since our break up and I still feel off anytime I think about him.
In Madam Jamila’s words, “It’s going to be strictly business, a professional dinner.” I knew she had no idea that I and Dave-T had been together, if she did, she would have had a rethink about this whole “Knowing Dave-T,” thing.
I was ready to do this right, I was not going to come off defensive or attack him, it would be purely professional. I had not dressed up, didn’t want to give Dave-T any ideas that I was still interested in him or wanted him back. So, I’d decided to wear something dull, an ash dress that mocked my complexion and gave me this gloomy widow like look. I also didn’t wear any make-up and I had left my hair in its natural state. At worst, I looked shabby, but I wasn’t bothered. I just wanted Dave-T to realize that this dinner was not important to me, so was our deal together.
‘We’re here Ma’m.’ The driver announced.
‘Thanks.’ I smiled and gripped the door handle as he brought the car to a final halt.
I grabbed my purse containing my jotter and my pen, and headed straight to the VVIP section where I was to meet Dave-T.

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Blue River was a beautiful place to be, it sparkled like a jewel in darkness. It looked like a cluster of stars that illuminated the universe on a very dark night. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, valets in their assembly and a very sophisticated fountain whose waters gushed out from twenty different sources.
‘Lovely,’ I murmured.
I found the bar meant for the VVIP, I smiled at the security and showed them a little piece of paper that Madam Jamila had given to me, which was to offer me clearance into the lounge.
‘You’re welcome Madam.’ He returned my smile and widened the door.
I searched the bar briefly, it was scanty; only four tables were filled up. I just couldn’t find Dave-T on any of the tables, so I moved to an empty one and settled in.
Maybe he was busy or still at the tour or had forgotten totally about the dinner.
I decided to have some fun time with Uneku on Whatsapp to ease myself of the tension I felt while waiting for Dave-T’s arrival.
We talked about the shabby way I had dressed, I remember Uneku encouraging me to take another dress because there was a likelihood of the paparazzi catching up with us.
“You wouldn’t want to appear like a nerd the first time you’ll be seen with Dave-T, would you? The internet never forgets, always remember that.” She’d cautioned me.
I also reminded her that I had the right to do whatever I wanted with my body.
I was still chatting with Uneku when the shrill laughter of an unknown woman distracted the peace and quiet of the bar, when I looked up, she was holding hands with the man that had taken hold of my heart and crumbled it.
I felt jealous! An emotion that I thought was dead and buried within me.
Who was she? And why did she look so happy holding hands with Dave-T? Had he moved on? What if he had only been playing with my feelings when he had asked to come back?
Get a grip on yourself Teni ! You must never let him see this vulnerable part of you.
I watched them both, our eyes met for a fleeting moment before Dave-T pulled his eyes from mine and led the lady to another table.
‘This isn’t happening, what kind of behavior was this?’ I mumbled.
He had been the one to plan this dinner, I was here at the bar, why was he ignoring me now?
I decided to keep my cool, I continued chatting with Uneku who was now telling me about her sick cat, Jack. I sympathized with her and encouraged her to see a Vet as soon as possible.
Though my fingers were on the keypads of my phone, I found it difficult to keep my eyes away from his Dave-T and his girlfriend. I was truly envious of the way they flirted with each other, and the way they laughed.
Okay, I’ve had enough.
Thirty minutes had passed and Dave-T was yet to “notice,” me. I rose to my feet and marched angrily towards his table, I felt like punching him and the lady in the face.
‘Teni ? Is this you?’ Dave-T rose to meet me.
‘Are you kidding me? Are you color blind now?’ I hissed, pulled a chair and joined them.
My job was to get questions out of him, and not to have dinner, I had come to do just that.
‘My bad, Teni , this is Dr. Mercy Aje, she is my therapist.’ He smiled, then turned to the lady, ‘Dr. this is the woman I told you about.’
I felt ashamed for assuming they were lovers, what had Dave-T told this woman about me? I was immediately consumed by a fire of eagerness and curiosity.
The tall lady rose to her feet at once and offered her hand.
‘Hi Teni , it’s nice to finally meet you in person. You played an important role in Dave-T’s transformation and healing. I wish a lot of young women could do this for their men, we will have less broken and depressed people in the world.’
I took her handshake and couldn’t help but smile, she seemed like a friendly person and I was taken to her now.
‘Okay, let’s all seat and talk the night away.’ Dave-T grinned.
‘You know Teni , I came here with my husband but bumped into
Dave-T, he insists we must celebrate his graduation.’ Mercy smiled at me.
‘Graduation?’ I arched a brow, not following.
‘Dave-T had a drug problem, he also had problem with alcohol; he came to me for help and he has passed the first and second stages of therapy, he is left with the third. See for yourself, the progress he has made.’ She fetched a paper from her purse and showed it to me.
I didn’t know whether to take it or not, opening that paper was like being a part of Dave-T, was I ready for that?
‘Teni , please take it. You played a part in my transformation. If I had not lost you the second time, I would never have admitted that I had a problem. You made realize that and I am thankful that I met you. Even if you don’t love me again, I will accept my fate and cling on to the miracle that your coming into my life brought.’
Tears stung my eyes as I looked at him closely, he really seemed different.
I wiped my face with the back of my palm and stared at the paper. If Dave-T had achieved this with the help of his doctor, then he had changed!
‘I don’t know what to say…’ I stuttered, as the tears found their way down my cheeks.
Images of our wild partying, his excessive drinking and drugs played back, could this be the same person?
‘Alright Dave-T and Teni, my husband just called. He is done with his meeting.’ The doctor rose to her fee, shook hands with Dave-T and dropped a light peck on my face, then whispered, ‘He is crazy about you, and you should give him a chance.’
It seemed Dave-T had planned all of this, but the results I held and everything about him didn’t look planned.
‘I am sorry Teni for not recognizing you at first…you look.’ He clipped his tongue.
I laughed, ‘Horrible?’
‘I won’t say that, you look sad in that dress.’ He managed.
This tickled me, ‘I don’t look sad, I just didn’t…’ I quickly reminded myself that I didn’t want Dave-T back into my life, so instead of smiling, I frowned.

To be continued…

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