‘Look Teni, I don’t know what’s going on with you. Dave-T is a big fish and a very busy person and we should be grateful that he chose to carve out a little of his time to be with us. He wants to be a part of our success story, and we must make this work by utilizing every piece of opportunity that we are given. I don’t know what you’re dealing with, but it’s obviously not flu.’ She said this through gritted teeth, I knew she was upset.
‘Not flu.’ I nodded.
‘Good. Get a grip on yourself; focus now on Dave-T. I tried to reach him, he is supposed to be here now, but he isn’t, we will wait. In the meantime, you’ll work on your questions and get yourself something beautiful to wear.’
I nodded and pushed my chair back.
‘Is there something you’d like to tell me Teni? Did something go wrong at that dinner?’
I knew she’d go there, Madam Jamila was a smart woman and she could smell something fishy a thousand miles away.
This was the chance I had to tell her about Dave-T and I, what if I just spilled all my secrets and told her that he wasn’t going to show up?
‘No, everything is fine. I’ll get a grip on myself.’ I nodded and walked towards the door. I would head straight to the bathroom and cry myself out; I couldn’t face anyone now, not even Uneku.
‘One more thing Teni …’ she called to me, the moment I reached the door.
‘Yes?’ I gingerly turned around.
‘Not many girls have this opportunity; make good use of it, so you wouldn’t live in regret for the rest of your life.’ She said to me.
‘Thanks.’ I nodded and moved out of the office.
The moment I stepped out of the office, I noticed the atmosphere was charged by a different aura. There was joy on the faces of my colleagues and they were all whispering about something.
I noticed two heavy Asian guys marching towards me.
‘Hey! Hey, get away from me, you psychos!’ I screamed as they got a hold of me and led me towards the safe room.
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‘We are sorry miss, we were just following orders.’ One of them apologized the moment we got to the entrance of the safe room.
I felt like punching them both in the belly, ‘Whose freaking orders?’
‘Our boss, he’s in there, waiting for you.’ He answered, before I could ask any more questions, they spun on their heels and marched away.
‘Phew.’ I pushed open the door without thinking, I still needed a place to scream and cry out my eyes.
‘Hello darling.’
My heart spiraled into a dance of surprise, ‘Dave-T?’
‘Yes…did you think I will just turn by back on you because of something silly that you did?’ He walked closer to me, my legs felt weak, I didn’t know how to react, I didn’t know what to do!
‘I am sorry Dave-T, I wish I could take it all back…’ I hoped he had forgiven me, because he was smiling at me now.
‘Teni …I was mad, yes, but I never meant those things I said last night. I did worse things to you, I took your love for granted and I suspected you wanted to pay me back by doing a write up on my secret life. It was not your intent at first, it was because of my attitude towards you.’
I couldn’t believe my ears, I was the wrong one here! Yes, he had hurt me, but he wasn’t listening.
‘Shh…’ He pressed a finger against my lips.
‘It’s all over Teni , I accept your apology and I will never judge you again. You have proved your love to me by telling me this secret. I love you Teni , there’s nothing that will ever come between us.’ He pulled his finger away from my lips.
I felt relieved, I felt free.
I threw my hands on him and kissed his face wildly. He laughed and kissed me back, I felt so safe and secure with him. I felt like I was home, I knew being with Dave-T was the right thing for me at this moment.
‘I am sorry for the way I spoke to you that way, I didn’t even give you a chance to tell me about your mother.’ I felt horrible for the way I had treated him.
‘Come on Teni , that’s all in the past, I got over her. We should really stop talking about our faults and focus on our future, which I see.’ He caressed my hair.
‘What do you see?’ I looked into his eyes.
‘A place where Teni and Dave-T would be happy.’ He replied smoothly, then dropped another kiss on my lips, this time deeper…
His breath was hot against mine. He was hungry, he was needy and I felt the same way too. I felt like ripping his clothes apart and making love to him right there and then.
His hands roamed my body, from the base of my neck, the strait of my back and the rising of my ass. I loved his hands on my body, I loved the way they moved confidently, knowing every curve and edge.
I caressed his back as he touched me, we were on fire and we were about to explode. Nothing could stop us now as we had found love in each other’s eyes.
‘Teni ? Are you safe in there?’
The sound of Madam Jamila’s stern voice tore us apart; we jolted like a thunder had struck us into two pieces.
I swallowed and exchanged a glare with Dave-T whose funny face almost made me laugh.
‘I am fine Madam Jamila.’ I replied.
‘Good, we are ready in ten seconds, I hear Dave-T is somewhere in the building.’
‘Yes, Madam Jamila. I was just trying to get a grip on myself.’ I replied.
‘Atta girl! We’re all waiting.’
We laughed so hard the moment Madam Jamila was gone, then we kissed each other again.
‘How are we going to go through this when we are both horny?’ I giggled.
‘We just have to put on a show for the cameras, when we are off, I’ll take you to a special place and I’ll cook your favorite meal, then make passionate love to you, all night long. Tell me, how does that sound?’ He asked.
‘Yummy, how do you know my favorite food?’ I asked.
‘You’re the most important thing to me, I know a lot about you now. One of these days, we will go on a picnic with Uneku and UB.’ Dave-T replied.
‘Wow.’ I felt so pleased and proud of the man he had become. I am happy that I’d given him another chance; I had faith that he wouldn’t break my heart.
‘Are you ready for the show?’ He asked. I nodded. I was ready to kick ass.
‘Good. Let’s go.’ He held my hands as we both moved out of the safe room.
Thirty minutes later after we had both gotten our make- up on, we moved to the studio which was rarely utilized at the office.
‘Are you ready Doll?’ One of the camera men asked me.
‘Sure.’ I licked my lips nervously as the camera lights flashed in my face.
‘Good, let’s go!’
‘Welcome to the Golden Magazine, we are about to have a good time with the hottest Jagaban, the one whose voice can melt a tyrant and win a woman’s heart. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Teni Fashola and I am here with no other person but the glorious Dave-T!’
Don’t ask about how the interview went, it was perfect! All I could think of while firing him with questions was us making love in his home and taking a shower together.
I think love is superior to other emotions. It brings balance, not just to the whole world, but to our lives. I found my balance, I found peace, I found happiness all wrapped and presented to me in the person of Dave-T Dave-T.
This was freedom, this was eternity. Love reigned supreme.

To be continued…

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