She rose to her feet and clutched the black book tightly.
“I will sir, thank you.”
As Sarah strolled out, she realized the man wasn’t as bad as people painted him. He was homely and friendly. She enjoyed their discussion and couldn’t wait for their next meeting.
Professor Ike smiled as he watched her leap like a young rabbit out of his office. Once she closed the door behind, he quickly grabbed his mobile phone and tapped a contact.
The call was picked at first ring.
“Good afternoon Holy Leader.”
“Ike, why do you call at this odd hour?”
“I think I have found her. I have found the reincarnate. I have found the key.”
“You can’t be serious. Men and women before us had searched for the reincarnate, but none could find her. She is a myth. She doesn’t exist anymore.”
“I shall prove you wrong. The earlier you believe me, the better. We must sacrifice her to the two faced demon of the river. That is the only way our cult can be empowered again.”
“Very well then Ike. Prepare her for the sacrifice and bring her to the shrine of meeting, in seven moon nights.”
“Thank you Holy Leader.”

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“What are you holding?” Angela asked as they trekked towards the hostel. When Sarah had stayed too long in the man’s office, she had become scared. Had the lecturer made sexual advances towards her friend? She had been tempted to step into the room, but she had managed to control herself.
Sarah flashed her teeth, “That man doesn’t want anything from me. You were wrong about him. He is a good man.”
Angela rolled her eyes, “Are you sure he didn’t cast any spell on you? You may have escaped today, but be careful. He is attracted to women of all shapes and sizes. He is a dog. And he is nothing like a good man. When I see a good man, I will show you to him.”
Sarah felt her friend was just like the other students who assumed they knew a lecturer from the rumors they heard.
“We spoke at length. I haven’t had such a deep discussion for a long time. He gave me this book.” Sarah showed it off proudly, but Angela proved that she wasn’t interested in whatever Sarah had discussed with the lecturer.
“You must be careful; he is trying to find a way into your pants. I know you haven’t been with a man before, but don’t be this naïve. Professor Ike is a dangerous man. Why do you think his colleagues are scared of him? Or you think he is a lone wolf because he is good?”
Sarah got Angela’s point, but her friend’s advice was fast becoming a form of nagging.
“Just leave me to take care of myself, Angela. I don’t tell you what to do.”
“You cannot take care of yourself Sarah. You still act like a little child sometimes. You need my protection on campus. You cannot do without me.”
Angela felt she had been advising her friend, but Sarah felt hurt and insulted. She stopped and faced her friend.
“Is this what you think about me? Do I look like a child to you?”
“I didn’t mean to sound like that. I am sorry.” Angela quickly apologized.
“Sorry?” Sarah scoffed. She was greatly offended by what Angela had said to her. She changed her mind about going to the hostel with Angela. Instead of hanging around a friend who considered her immature, she decided to stay on her own until her anger was gone.
Angela felt bad for what she had said. But it was too late. Bad words were like gutter water, there wasn’t anything one could do to stop them from stinking.
“Hey, come on,” Angela tried to touch Sarah’s shoulder, but Sarah pushed her hand away.
Angela smacked her face lightly with her right hand, and whispered.
“I messed up.”
She was about moving towards the direction of the hostel, when a black Ford pulled up next to her. She recognized the car immediately. The man was one of her sugar daddies. But Angela didn’t remember having any appointment with him.
With confusion on her face, she kept peering through the tinted glasses, trying to see what was going on inside. When the passenger door opened, one of the girls from her hostel stepped out of the car. She carried two customized bags which were obviously from a boutique.
At the same time, the driver’s side was opened and a remorseful looking man stepped out.
“Chief?” Angela was shocked. She ignored the other girl completely and faced the man.
“It’s not what you think Angel. I am so sorry.”
From the look on his face, he was shocked to see her around there.
“I guess you’re now into girls with toothpick structure. You swore that I was the only girl that you were dating. What happened to your promise? Huh?” Angela hissed loudly and walked away from him.
Her day had started out well, but it was ending on two bad notes. She had offended Sarah, and she had just discovered that one of her money bags was cheating.
“It shall be well,” she murmured as she sighted the hostel building.

The Ice-cream kiosk was scanty. It was flooded with students on very sunny days. Everyone wanted to have a taste of something that would cool their bodies and make them more comfortable in lecture halls. Today wasn’t such a day. The weather was confused. She was neither sunny nor dull. Sarah adored such days. If she wasn’t curled up in her blanket, reading an interesting book; she would be in the studio, trying to figure out how to paint like a professional artist.
She moved towards the counter to make her order.
“Good afternoon,” the salesgirl greeted.
Even in her anger, Sarah managed to smile.
“Good afternoon, please I’d like strawberry flavor and give me three plates.”
Once her order was taken, she picked a good corner in the bar and placed the black book on the table. Usually, when someone got her upset, she didn’t dwell on it forever. The truth was that she wasn’t upset; she just needed some time away from Angela.
Sarah was quite certain that Professor Ike wanted nothing to do with her. He had made that very clear. He liked her no doubt, but in a very innocent way. Sarah admired the man’s intelligence. He had travelled to ten different countries of the world, in exploration of art. It was a privilege to be close to such a man. He wanted to give her the privilege of coming closer to him, and she wouldn’t joke with it.
She ran her palm over the rough and hard cover. There was a sigil of a serpent which had a star, sun and moon as its crown. Sarah was intrigued by it. The heavenly bodies reminded her of the carving that she had seen in Professor Ike’s office.
Were there more than art? Sarah briefly recalled that Angela had mentioned Prof’s involvement in occult activities. Sarah’s heart skipped a beat. Was the book she was about to read an evil book? Would it change her forever? Would she go crazy after reading it? She had so many questions, but there wasn’t anyone to answer them.

To be continued…

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  1. What did Angela expect from a Sugar daddy? Marriage?
    Did she not know that a man who’ll cheat on his wife will see nothing wrong in cheating on a common girlfriend/loved?
    She must be truly daft


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