Adaugo fell to the ground and threw her hands into the air. Tears mixed with sand; sweat mated with anguish. What crime had she committed? Everyone who heard this would blame her for not allowing her husband to take a second wife but she had advised Dike to do so.
“Get up Ada, I will never leave you. We are in this together.” Dike felt her pain. People never blamed a man for a woman’s barrenness. It was always the woman’s fault.
Though the quarrel had ended days ago, Jidenna’s love for Dike dissipated. In truth, Jidenna had always adored Adaugo, but she had eyes for Dike. Not only had Dike stolen the woman that he loved, he also insulted him before her. There was only one way to end this; he had to destroy Dike. He wouldn’t rest, until he accomplished his mission.

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He would wait until midnight, before marching towards the great forest where Ezemiri resided. He would call upon the god of the two faced river to save him for this disgrace.
The day had ended quickly, as if Jidenna had forwarded it by himself. He had gone to the market to purchase some of the items that he would need. He had gotten seven white kola nuts; a white Billy goat and seven coconuts. He would offer them to Ezemiri before making his request.
When silence had eaten deep into the night; when the moon had crowned the sky with her beauty and the little stars began to wave; Jidenna knew that it was time to start his journey towards the great forest. His heart pounded against his chest. His blood boiled. He couldn’t wait to destroy Dike and take over his properties, including his wife. He couldn’t wait to have a taste of her silvery thighs. That woman had been made for him, but Dike had stolen her away. He would have her back.
So, at the dead of night, Jidenna left his compound and headed towards the great forest. Unknown to him, the god of the two faced river, had already seen him coming. Ezemiri, the god with seven eyes had sensed a human presence. The time for his rebirth and blessing was ripe.
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Though mortals could only see a cluster of tall Iroko trees that struggled with the domineering palm trees; only those with the gift of sight could see that an ancient water kingdom lay in this forest. It was the Kingdom of Ezemiri; the deity that was once revered by all.
The ground was soaked in clear running water. There was a huge palace in the middle of the little stream. It was forged out of the purest and earliest power of creation. The palace was made out of precious stones. Though the exterior was white; the interior was adorned with gold and jasper. And the floor of Ezemiri’s palace was decorated with diamond and sandstone.
An enormous black throne stood in the middle of the palace, with two smaller thrones next to it; these thrones belonged to the mermaid spirits, who were worshipped as goddesses. Ezemiri had created them when his powers to create were intact. The mermaids were his lovers, and he had them interchangeably. They bore him spirit children, who flourished the forest with their cries; which often came as the sound of owls. They weren’t fully gods. Only one woman could bear him, the child that he needed. She alone would break the curse that bound him to the forest.
The eldest mermaid, Kenia, five thousand years old was brown skinned. Her eyes were costly jewels and they could turn any man to stone, if they accidentlly saw her. She had the powers to transform into a serpent. She also had the power to get rid of her fins. But she couldn’t step out of the forest. She was limited in movement, as well as Ezemiri.
The second mermaid, Ala, was younger. She was just one thousand years old. She was worshipped as the goddess of fertility. And she was more beautiful than Kenia. She had favor in his eyes. Once the curse was broken, she alone would sit at Ezemiri’s side as queen.
The two goddesses had been swimming in the little stream, when they sensed the presence of a human.
“Who would dare to cross this forest at night?” Kenia whispered under her breath.
“Someone very stupid or confident.” Ala winked. She had the power to show herself to anyone that she pleased. Sometimes, she appeared to terrible me who treated their wives badly and scared them. Unlike Kenia and Ezemiri, she wasn’t bound to the forest. She was only bound to Ezemiri, but she swore never to leave his side.
As the goddesses were whispering, Ezemiri floated from his palace towards the spot where they swam. He had seen it all. He knew the root of this problem. His time for freedom had come.
“The human wants to offer sacrifices to me. He has been a loyal worshipper for some time now. I have no option but to grant his request.” He announced.
Kenia was the first to speak, “What request is that?” She got rid of her fins and stepped out of the stream.
He shrugged, “The man is in love with his brother’s wife. I have seen her. She is the fairest human I have ever seen. If I had my way, I will have her as well.”
Ala snorted, “Have her as well? You are not a deity of murder. You preserve men and give them life. You have bestowed your powers upon us; we make the barren fertile and the poor, wealthy. We are not the deities of fire and air. We don’t kill.” She warned. Already, the great God had cursed them. It wasn’t right to attract more curses.
Ezemiri laughed, Ala was scared of more curses. He read her mind easily.
“I do not owe Chukwu my loyalty. He was the one that exiled me and clipped my powers! I will do as I like…” His voice was loud and manifested as a thunder strike in the human world.
The goddesses quieted down. Ezemiri had a fiery temper. It wasn’t right to provoke him.
“So what do you plan to do? How does killing his brother help you?” Kenia sat on a piece of rock and began to comb her long hair.
He pulled in a deep breath, “Adaugo wants a child. You two will grant her wish.”
“Who is Adaugo?” Ala asked, but Ezemiri ignored her. Ala quickly read Kenia’s mind and realized that the woman in question, was the human’s sister-in-law.
“But she doesn’t worship us or offer sacrifices. Why would we consider her in our blessing?” Kenia asked.
Ezemiri was getting impatient.
“That doesn’t matter. Can’t you see the bigger plan? If you give her a child, there is a possibility for the child to be a priestess. When she grows, I will find her. That is the only way that I could ever be free from the curse. This is my chance.”
Ala and Kenia exchanged glares, “Why are you so sure that the child will be a priestess?”
The last and purest priestess that was born to the earth died two thousand years back. Those who communicated with gods and goddesses now, weren’t priestesses. They were simply channels. It was rare for a priestess to come to the earth; for she wielded great power and could destroy some lesser gods.
Ezemiri blinked and looked away.
“The last priestess was Olanma. And you fell in love with her, thinking that she would be the one to save you. She abandoned you when you needed her most.” Kenia dropped the comb and cast her eyes on Ezemiri.
Olanma had been the most attractive human to walk upon the face of the earth. She was tall and slender. Her long black hair was adorned with cowries. Her face glowed like the morning sun. It was her kind heart and her beautiful soul that had attracted Ezemiri to her.

To be continued…

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