Ala couldn’t believe Ezemiri would risk his life for a mortal. He was truly in love with her.
“What are you talking about?” Ala pretended not to know, but she did. Olisa had told her about Ezemiri’s atrocity against him. He had killed Akudo, a woman that he had grown to love. This had made Olisa very bitter and angry. He was coming down to kill the reincarnate by himself.
It wasn’t making any sense. If Olisa hadn’t wanted her help, why had he granted her audience? He had told her of his incapability to come to the physical world. From all indications, Olisa had lied to her. He had used her for something that she wasn’t sure about.
“Go!” Ezemiri commanded her. Usually, the goddess responded swiftly to any of his commands, because her powers were subject to his authority as her creator. But this time was different. Ala found it difficult to vanish from the physical world.
Ezemiri was surprised.
“You have to go back.” He watched her carefully.

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Ala closed her eyes, and searched the sea of darkness that welled up within her, but she couldn’t find any spark. She felt powerless and helpless. It had never taken her this long to disappear from the physical world.
Ezemiri narrowed his eyes and walked closer towards her. He sensed the nonexistence of her powers as her maker. Something had happened to Ala, and she had a lot of explaining to do.
“No…”Ala cried.
Her entry to the realm of the air must have diminished her powers or deleted them completely, but she preferred to think of the former.
“Where did you go?” Her thoughts were now bare before him. For she no longer had the powers to cloak her thoughts from his access.
Tears streamed down her face as she rubbed her palms together. If she wasn’t able to access her powers, she would never return to the forest. She would be trapped in the physical world like a human. What sort of life would that be?
Her lips shivered as she looked into his dark eyes. Ezemiri was clearly upset with her. Olisa had exploited her naivety. He had stolen her powers by virtue of her presence in his evil domain. It was her power that he would use to transport himself to the earth. Olisa had exalted himself through her, yet she had lost her godhood.
“You better talk fast, or I might as well snap your neck, considering the fact that you’re now human.”
“Olisa deceived me,” she whispered in a voice that seemed strange, even to her own ears.
Ala felt deeply ashamed for what she had done. She couldn’t voice out her own betrayal, so she opened up her mind for him to read. Anger was visible in his burning gaze. Ezemiri had learned of her visit to the realm of the air, and he would never forgive her.
Apart from that, he had learned of a deadly secret that she had carried within her for a very long time now.
“You killed her…” Ezemiri quickly stepped backwards as the realization of Ala’s immense backstabbing hit him. From the well of her thoughts, he had discerned many things that appalled him.
Ala fell on her knees immediately and grabbed his feet, “I only did it for love.”
“You killed my Olanma. You sent her to the world of the dead without just cause. You killed Dike. You also planned to kill Sara. Your jealousy led you into Olisa’s lair and now you have lost your powers.”
Ala’s weeping wasn’t because she was remorseful for the things that she had done. Ala wept because she had lost her essence. Olisa had taken over her powers and she was trapped on a world that didn’t mean anything to her. How could she live like a human when being a goddess was everything that she ever knew?
“Please…forgive me, help me,” she sobbed.
The more he stayed on earth, the greater he sensed Olisa’s presence. Ezemiri knew he wouldn’t last long, should Olisa find him. He searched the skies one last time. He wasn’t strong enough to find Sara. He needed Keina’s help.
From his lips, he pronounced a curse that would seal Ala’s fate.
“I curse and banish you from my bloodline. You are no longer welcome to me or Keina.”
With these words spoken, and the burden slightly lifted from his shoulders, Ezemiri faded away, leaving Ala behind.
“No, no, no, come back…” Ala jumped to her feet as she realized that Ezemiri had vanished.
“Curse you Olisa! I curse the day that I met you!” Ala threw her hands into the air and cried. She wasn’t going to let him win. She had to find a way to get back her powers or find a way to destroy Olisa for his betrayal.
Ala pulled in a deep breath and closed her eyes. There was only one way to end all of it. But one thing was certain; she wasn’t leaving this world without Ezemiri’s forgiveness. She couldn’t blame him for cursing her. Keina had warned her, but she had been too stubborn. Ala had been blinded by her own selfish desires that she failed to see the lies in everything that Olisa had told her.
“And where do you think you’re going?” A voice, soft as morning breeze whispered.
Ala swirled round at once. She found a young girl glaring at her with hate filled eyes.
“What do you want with me?” Ala sensed that she was possessed by a malevolent spirit.
“My master shall descend upon the earth soon. He wants me to kill you and all those who will stand against him.” The girl pulled out a dagger from the pocket of her jean and advanced towards Ala.
Ala scoffed, “Olisa has sent you…”
The girl was a servant of the god, and she had attacked Ezemiri once at the ice cream bar. She was about striking Ala with the blade that she carried, when Ala quickly dodged and slid her foot between the girl’s legs, thereby trapping her.
The attacker fell to the ground and kissed the sand. Hurriedly, Ala lowered herself and collected the dagger from the possessed girl.
“Get your filthy hands off me!” The girl twisted her body like a serpent, as she struggled with Ala.
A wicked smile spread across Ala’s face. The girl had some powers that she could absorb. And she was going to take them without her permission.
“Your master is the king of deceit and shame. He fooled me and took all of my powers, now I shall take yours. And I will destroy him with it.” Ala grinned and sat on the girl’s laps.
“What are you going to do to me?” The girl shivered. She didn’t like the look on Ala’s face.
“What Olisa does to people who turn against him,” Ala winked.
She raised the dagger to the clouds and dropped it directly to the girl’s beating heart. Blood gushed out from her lips and spilled to the sides of her mouth. She fought to stay alive, to breathe, but the pain that encircled her body was too much for her to bear.
Ala raised the dagger to her wrist and slid it across her flesh. Immediately her blood came in contact with the blood of the possessed girl, she felt a new flame rising within her. She was reborn.
A reddish glow radiated in her eyes as she stared at her reflection, through the help of the dagger. Ala rose to her feet, determined, and with dagger in hand. She needed to find the reincarnate.

To be continued…

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