At first, her movement was staggering because she was greatly intoxicated by the new power that she had absorbed. It was a dark power, which wouldn’t sit well in her body, because she had known Ezemiri’s good power all her life. But Ala didn’t mind. She wiped the blood that stained the blade against her black skirt.
One enemy was down, she needed to find Sara. Ala inhaled the muddy scent of the earth as the rain of death pelted down. She noticed the way humans avoided the deadly drops. People ran towards houses, where they could shield themselves. But she didn’t bother. She had nothing to lose, and nobody was going to mourn her when she was gone. Ezemiri was had banished her with a curse. All she lived for was revenge.
Ala’s eyes glittered as she spotted a familiar face. That was the woman that Ezemiri and Olisakwe had told her about. She was Sara’s friend, and Akudo’s reincarnate. Ala tightened her grip around the dagger and marched towards Angel. She noticed the girl was wailing and crying. Her eyes were reddish from too much weeping. And given the chaos that the acidic rain brought, no one could pay mind to her pleas. Something was definitely wrong. Ala hoped that no one had gotten to the priestess before her.

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“No o… no o…” Angel was confused. She fell on her knees and grabbed the spot where Sara once stood. She had seen her friend clearly, she was sure of that. She wasn’t crazy or delusional; but she knew that Sara had disappeared. From the little that she had observed, it seemed that a dark and powerful force had taken her away. It seemed that she had been swallowed by a sea of darkness.
As her tears kissed the numerous grains of sand, Ala felt to sense another presence until the stranger touched her neck with the blade. The coldness of the metal made her freeze. She swallowed and remained in a kneeling position.
“Where is Sara?” Ala asked in a soft voice.
“I…don’t know, I swear it! I have been looking for her. She vanished before my eyes,” Angel recognized the young woman as Karl Eze’s sister. But she didn’t like the look in Alana’s eyes. She seemed scary and evil, and there was that dagger that she held in her hands.
Angel swallowed in fear, wondering what she was going to do with it.
“Vanished?” Ala raised her brows. In her twelve thousand years on earth, she had known humans to be impeccable liars. They could seem so kind and fragile from the beginning, but they were as deadly as demons. She ran her eyes steadily over Angel, to be sure that she wasn’t being deceived.
“I swear to you, I know it sounds stupid. But I know what I saw. My friend disappeared…” Angel broke down in tears as she recalled warning Sara to stay away from the evil professor.
Ala sensed the truth from the purity of her tears. She ran a finger across the blade. She needed to find Sara before someone else got to her. The venomous rain continued to pelt from the sky, soon, the sky would be marked by darkness and Olisa would arrive with his minions of demons to pull down the earth.
Before this happened, Ala needed to exact revenge.
“Where do you think she vanished to?” She whispered carefully.
Angel scoffed and ran her eyes over Alana, “Who the hell are you anyway? I just lost my friend and you just showed up with crappy questions. I am not telling you anything!” Angel snapped at her.
Ala sighed, she could understand her loss. Losing someone that you loved and cherish wasn’t an easy thing to deal with. She had just lost Ezemiri, and she understood the weight that she carried upon her shoulders.
“I mean no harm. But your friend may be in danger. I want you tell me where she is, so I could find her and rescue her from those who seek to destroy her.”
Angel shook her head, “I don’t know who you are lady. But stay the hell away from me!” Angel turned around and began to walk away from Ala. Ten minutes after, she exhaled sharply, feeling better, having gotten rid of the pest. She had to find a way to locate Sara. And the first person that came into her mind was Kubiat. She knew that he wouldn’t believe that Sara disappeared, but she had to find a way to convince him.
At first, it seemed like her vision was blurred, but when she looked up, she found Ala standing before her. This time, her feet dangled mid air. To Angel’s utmost shock, she was floating!
“No…” Angel’s lips trembled. Why were crazy things happening to her today? Was she going mad?
“No!” She dropped the bags and made ready to run, but Ala pinned her to the spot with her fiery gaze.
Satisfied that she had gotten the human’s attention, Ala smiled.
“Now that you know who you’re dealing with, I demand information about your friend. Tell me everything about Sara and where you think she vanished to.”
Angel was overcome by fear. Obviously, the woman before her was no human. She was a demon sent from hell to torment her. Before now, Angel didn’t believe in the supernatural. She always found people who believed in the spiritual realm foolish. There was nothing like that! But since the time that Sara collected that fetish book from the professor, she had started to witness strange occurrences.
“Um, I don’t know much. But I do know that my friend collected an ancient spiritual book of demons from a professor. I warned her to let it go, but she wouldn’t. I have a strong conviction in my heart that her disappearance had a lot to do with the book.”
Ala narrowed her eyes, “What book are you talking about?”
“I…I can’t describe it. It is filled with grotesque images of deities and marine spirits.”
“Enough!” Ala floated towards Angel and planted the dagger on her forehead. This action would gain her access to Angel’s mind and her memories. The moment the blade came in contact with her forehead, Angel felt a wave of dizziness swallowing her up. She could no longer see the sunlight. A sea of darkness took over her mind as the goddess began to search for the truth.
Ala frowned as she searched deeper and deeper. The only thing that she could find were Angel’s numerous love interests. The girl was a dog! She almost gave up when she encountered a memory. A silver ball popped up in the mass of darkness and Sara’s lovely face appeared.
She was cheerful. And she carried a small book in her hands, she was showing it to her friend, Angel. Ala steadied her breathing and closed her eyes. She had to focus. Maybe this book would help her to locate Sara.

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As Sara’s fingers flipped the first page, a deadly thunder struck the dagger that was upon Angel’s forehead, breaking the connection that the two had.
“The worshippers are here!” Ala staggered as she.
Angel felt a sharp pain in her head; she seemed los as she couldn’t recall anything that had happened.
“What worshippers?” Angel asked.
“You will not understand. Sara is the channel to everything. The worshippers were a group of men who were bound to Ezemiri, the god of the two faced river. They can only be free from the curse upon them if…” Ala couldn’t speak of what would follow. Angel was already broken and traumatized. She didn’t want to hurt the human more.
“Look, I don’t understand anything that you are saying. I must find my friend.” Angel ran her fingers through her hair.

To be continued…

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  1. Wow !!! So the worshippers have Sarah, but sacrificing her will be against the wish of their master.
    This is getting more interesting .
    But, please don’t keep your fans hanging for long, two days without an episode is long

  2. How do y’all think sef??
    So she doesn’t av a life outside writing stories??
    No one even asked her why she didnt post,only complaints..
    Its not like any if u are paying for d stories sev.

  3. How do y’all think sef??
    So she doesn’t av a life iutside writing stories??
    No one evenasked her why she didnt post,only complaints..
    Its not like any if u are paying for d stories sev.


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