DD Beauty: Cellulites a woman’s skin nightmare

The skin dimpling around the fat deposit areas, the thighs, buttocks arms and stomach is known as cellulite, caused by fat cells being pushed unto the surface of the skin, appearing lumpy and u evened. This skin condition is every woman’s skin nightmare, inhibiting the free choice of what to wear.
Hormonal imbalances, genetical traits, toxin build-up, and lifestyle seem to play an important role in the development and spread of  cellulite. Beauty and Technology has developed solutions In form of cellulite-reducing treatments but not without a high cost. Not all give the desired result, in fact more than anything,most of them are loaded with exotic chemicals which cause more danger to the skin.
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Another major cause of Cellulite is dehydration, it is speculated that when the skin is properly hydrated, it is not likely to crinkle up or be un supplied. Reduce your caffeine intake, this will reduce dehydration by a large margin.
  1. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system and aids your body to eliminate toxins and fight cellulite.
  2. A bath is not only relaxing, but if you add the right kind of ingredients it helps your body to get rid of toxin build-up in your skin.
  3. Weight training can tone the muscles under your skin and cause it to look more tight and firm.
  4. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to alkalize your body and get rid of acidic toxins and cellulite.
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