DD Beauty: Eyelashes could cause blindness


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The worlds oldest disease known to man, and one of the worlds leading causes of preventable blindness is known as Trachoma which is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. Trachoma, spreads by physical contact with an infected person’s hands or clothing.

Approximately 41 million people globally today are affected by trachoma and need urgent treatment, out of this figure, about 8.2 million people are at an advanced stage of the disease. In west Africa, a high prevalence of the disease is as a result of poor hygiene levels in beauty procedures such as fixing of eyelashes in salons, beauty palors and spas.

Affected people do not instantly go blind, however prolonged neglect could mean the natural lashes leaning inwards and brushing on the cornea and gradually degenerating the cornea leading to final blindness.

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