Looking Great for Thanksgiving

For host mums, Thanksgiving is full of nothing else  but cooking food, setting up decorations and welcoming family and friends with so much expectations to live up to. Or is there more? our DD Beauty survey reveals that for some women, it ought to be, but there often is int enough time for and less emphasis placed on it but there really is more. . . . like looking beautiful for the feast.
Women, as it is said “are sugar and spice and everything nice”, but why not on thanksgiving?
Why should the host mum not serve her glazed up carrots wearing french tips and leave an Ombre lipstick stain on the bite of her sliced golden brown turkey?
Wouldn’t it make the meal much more delectable and the celebration more colorful don’t you think?
Mother and Daughter Sit at a Table With Friends Eating a Roast Dinner
Why would a host mum meet and greet her  guests in an apron? Shouldn’t the thanksgiving outfit been planned for six months ahead of the day, its not just the turkey that needs dressing, alas! just as its not the only one getting stuffed!
Start your day with a good cranberry and brown sugar scrub, put on some make up and look, smell and feel grand, make your family proud, nothing says gratitude like a beautiful mum on a Thanksgiving day!


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