DD Beauty: The perfect Ombre lips


perfect Ombre lips (1)

Things you need:
1. Lip exfoliator such as sugar fresh polish
2. Lip balm for moisturizing
3. Base color
4. Lip liner
5. Lip brush

The process:
1. Step one is to exfoliate the lips! You can use sugar but you can also use products such as Fresh’s Sugar Polish to remove any dead skin cells.

2. Step two is to moisturize your lips with a lip balm. This will help hold the lipstick down to the lip and prevent your lip from extracting the moisture from the lipstick so your lips don’t appear as dry and will also help to make your lipstick last longer.

3. Apply your lipstick base all over your lips.

4. Use the lipliner and concentrate the color mostly on the corners of the lips and onto the outer thirds of the lips. The lipliner should be the darkest at the corners of the lips. The center of the lip should be the base color only.

5. Take your lip brush and blend the lipliner into the base color to create a gradient effect. If you don’t have a lip brush you can press your lips together and take the tube of lipstick you used as a base color and lightly glide it over the liner and the base color in order to create the gradient.

6. Do step five until you have no harsh lines and everything is blended seamlessly.

7. Take a dab of concealer and outline outside of your lips to create really crisp lip lines!

Voila . . . .That’s it! You’ve created your perfect Ombre Lip!

perfect Ombre lips (2)


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