DD Travels: Take a trip to Namibia’s Namib Desert


Are you thinking of a travel location for your next vacation? Are you tired of the wildlife experience and the Disney land tour? Have you had enough of mountain climbing and don’t feel like going to any city for shopping because of its impact on your pocket? Are you trying to take a breather from the busy spans of life to embrace nature and have a calm yet electrifying moment? Where you need to visit is the Namib Desert!


The Namib Desert is situated in the coastal part of Namibia, covering the entire coastal area passing through the towns of Swakopmund and Walvisbay. It is referred to as the world’s oldest desert, having existed for 43 million years!


The desert has rivers passing through its linear dunes. With its crescent shapes and nature at its best, it’s a sight to behold. The two coastal towns are linked by the desert and are known for their elegant and exquisite hotels with the best ocean views and exotic seafood cuisines.



A perfect sunset dinner will do at nature’s sandwich, the only place in the world where the desert meets the sea. A  4×4 tour will give you an incredible view of this phenomenal site. Then you can stop to enjoy your sunset dinner. Watch the reflection of sun rays as they set on the orange dunes complimented by the breeze from the sea. Also, be marveled by the beauty of the variety of birds that come to this astonishing site.


During the morning hours, you might want to go camel riding… An experience in the desert where you’ll have a soothing time. You can just shut down and enjoy the beauty of nature. The camel rides are an awesome experience. While you’re on the rides, you pass through the oasis as camels take you on the highest dunes. It’s a very calming and exceptional experience.  Desert sand boarding is another activity to do at the Namib Desert during the early hours… An activity that gets your adrenaline pumping .You either do the lie-down or stand–up boarding. The good news about sand boarding, just like many other desert activities, is that it does not require experience.

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The sand boarding will make you love the desert sand, and getting sand dirty will be the last thing you’ll care about, all you’ll want is fun, fun and more fun. To maintain that excitement level, go quad biking around the vast desert. This is the real adventure and probably going to be the best ride of your life. While on your terrific quad bike tour of the wildest dunes, roller coaster and spirals of the Namib, you can always take stops to know more about the creatures of the deserts.

By this time it will be mid-afternoon, the sun rays striking the dunes. This brings out the flaming color of the desert and remarkable reflections that will get you amused at nature… This is definitely the best time to see the desert! There will be no other perfect view than the one from the top. The Skydiving activity gives you a scenic flight over the area and later being let off with your parachute to enjoy the rest of the desert; it is a breathtaking moment.


Your vacation wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Namib Deserts brother. I told you how the desert at some point meets the ocean right? That is the Atlantic Ocean. Going on a boat cruise will be an experience you’ll definitely enjoy with unusual activities. If you take a cruise with Cape Cross Seal reserve being your destination, you’ll be enjoying a close view of dolphins, whales, turtles and Sun Fish. Cape Cross is home to the largest number of seals you’re probably ever going to see. So while on your cruise, there will be trained seals jumping on board to entertain you… thrilling right?

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