Thanksgiving TravelsWe recognize that thanksgiving is within the winter season and all the little bugs which thrive in this season can be a potential party popper. Traveling is almost a must do for some families during the thanksgiving; this is because often families and loved ones are scattered in different locations and thanksgiving remains the only time of the year when they can all come together. Research has shown that in 10 families traveling during this season for the festive celebration, 3 end up in celebrating with loved ones in hospital who is ill with an infection caused by a seasonal bug. the question remains; how can we avoid this incidence from occurring during Thanksgiving this year? Here’s some Travel advice to help:

Things to do when planning or embarking on a Trip for Thanksgiving:
Ensure your hands are always washed with soap and water, so is a better guarantee of eliminating germs.

  • Try to avoid contact with sick people.
  • Keep a clean handkerchief in case the person seating beside you has a cold and sneezes uncontrollably,
  • also keep a sanitizer in case you need to touch surfaces touched by a person with a cold or a bug.
  • Boost your immunity weeks ahead by eating fresh fruits and vegetables regularly especially citrus based fruits as they combat cold bugs.
  • Avoid eating from other peoples food as you may not know if they are already brew\wing an infection, pack some dried fruit, nuts, and seeds as snacks, but eat in small portions at intervals to keep hunger down.
  • If you’re driving, bring a few bottles of water instead of sweetened soda or juice. If you’re flying, choose unsweetened beverages on-board because sugar increases the risk of infection.


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