Parenting is not an easy thing, it gets tougher when you have a child who very stubborn in the house. You have that child that hardly listens to you, even when you yell at the top of your voice, he ignores you totally. You have to watch this child closely, and you need to tame him now it’s still early so he learns to heed your advice in future. Surely, you wouldn’t want to have a juvenile delinquent as a child, so you need to act quickly.


You need to talk to the child, no child is too young or too old to have a discussion with his or her parents. Make it clear to your child that his unruly behaviour is unacceptable hence he has to change his ways.

Tell him that being stubborn to his parents isn’t a good thing. Speak gently and make him understand that his actions aren’t welcomed.


Some kids feel they’re doing their parents good by listening to them. Make it clear to your child that you have lived your life and it’s now time for them to live theirs. You have achieved your dreams and you’re fulfilled, so telling them to act nicely isn’t for your own good but for theirs.

Cite examples by using stories, most stubborn kids do not end up well or end up doing things that would lead them to a premature death.


Never ignore any act of stubbornness. Don’t act or pretend you didn’t see the stunt your child pulled.

Every act of disobedience must be met with punishment. You need to act strong, don’t plead with your child, don’t beg him else he wouldn’t be ‘scared’ of you.

Ground him, stop him from watching his favourite movies, flog him( this is allowed in African settings, however, you must do this in moderation), you can threaten to tell his teacher. Most importantly pray for your child and always set a good example. If you’re the type of parents that constantly fight and insult each other in the presence of your kids, don’t be surprised if they turn out stubborn.


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