Dear Davina,

I really need help. I am in still in love with my ex. We dated for 2 years then we broke up, but I still can’t move on. I love him so much.

It’s been 6 years since we broke up but I just can’t stop myself from loving him. Even though I caused the break up, I can’t get him out of my Brain. Sometimes, I take sleeping pills to be able to sleep at night, I really love him and I want him back.

I don’t know if you can help me. I don’t think I can live without him. I sometimes think of taking my life since I can’t have him, please help me.


My 2-Cents:

Thanks for your mail.
Hmmmmm. My advice to you would be to recover yourself urgently and walk away fully.
The love you are exhibiting here is rather destructive. It is actually not love any longer but obsession and dependency.

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The problem with obsession is that it is self defeating. It takes away your independence, making you dependent on someone else for your joy, happiness, self being and self worth. As such, your world revolves around an individual. You are happy when he is happy with you and sad when he is not.

This tendency for obsession will pretty much choke the life out of every relationship you would enter into. You get possessive and jealous of everything and everyone around him. Worse off, you become clingy and refuse to give him space; and trust me, men don’t like that.

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Most obsessive love like this is borne out of a childhood/developmental stage deficiency which you are trying to compensate for. Problems with a father figure, rape, rejection, teenage developmental problems amongst many. You must realize it is a problem by the time you start thinking of committing suicide. My dear, NOBODY is worth you committing suicide for. You are a valuable life that God has made and Christ died for.

It would take some time to build your life back again. You would need a support group that can help you. My recommendation is that you join a church and be a part of the fellowship. Dedicate yourself to helping others live a fulfilled life and you would see same happen with you.
Much Love


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  1. Comment:I understand what she is going through, what if he doesn’t what you back and he has already moved on,you can’t force him to love you.Mind you 6 years is a long time to break out of love and you still think you are in Love with him…Think about dear!!!It is called Obsession, let him go.Engage yourself with something time consuming and bet me you will forget him..Lastly remove,destroy or delect anything that reminds you about him and am sure you will be fine…Dont forget to pray and Love yourself….


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