Dear Davina,

I am a 26-year-old lady who has never had a real relationship and I’m scared its going to affect me when I eventually get married. The thing is: I have always been a no-sex-relationship believer and most of the guys that have wanted to date me have been guys who are sexually active

At a point, I had to give up relationships and focus on my education. Time has gone and I’m still “relationshipless”. Some of my close male pals tell me I am not romantic and guys need women that are sophisticated and blah blah. But how can I be when I have not even been in any relationship before? I am scared I may not be romantic to my husband too.

My friends tell me I may find it hard to get a partner or husband because you have to date someone before he marries you and since I have never had any serious date, it will take a while. How true is that? I am so confused


My 2-Cents:

Call down Sweetheart… I actually smiled as I read your mail; you remind me a lot of myself at your age. True, you can’t give what you don’t have. However, no one is born with the skills to being romantic or how to function in a relationship.

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I don’t think you should listen to what your friends are saying. I will advice though that you open up your heart to the possibility of love. Once you find someone you are compatible with, love and treat him with care and respect, just the way you will like to be treated.

As regards sex, that’s a lie! You don’t have to have Sex with anyone before marriage. Anyone who loves you genuinely will wait for you and respect your wishes in this regard till you take the walk up the aisle. They may say it’s cliche or old school but hey, some of us prefer those tried and tested old-fashioned ways, especially since they worked back then and are still working now.

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The internet is awash with information on anything you want to know or have an idea about… This is not to say you have to believe or go with what you find there. I personally rely on the bible for directions on how to treat my man. The principles are really simple and there’s the Holy Spirit to help you every step of the way… Doesn’t get better than that!

All the best darling,




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  1. Wow that’s beautiful to hear. The Bible never said that you have to date before you marry, a man can just show up and you find yourself walking down the aisle yet have a beautiful marriage.


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