Dear Davina,

There is this guy I really like who happens to be one of my brother’s friends.The feeling is mutual. Initially, he told me he didn’t want to go out with me because I was his friend’s younger sister. It sounded ridiculous after all, am I going to marry my brother? But I was okay with it.

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Our friendship grew into strong ‘liking’ (I am being careful not to use the word ‘Love’). He knew the feelings were going stronger and that it was beyond platonic friendship but I kept away and went for my youth service in another state.

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When I returned, he told me he was seeing someone else but he couldn’t seem to let me go and all that. He even asked me to marry him somewhere along the line, even though he’s still seeing someone else. The thing is: I sincerely care about him. He say he feels the same way too but he is seeing someone.

I am hurt and have tried to forget him… I don’t get what the deal is with him. Should I wait for him to come around or just move on?

Awaiting your honest reply. Thank you.


My 2-Cents:

Sister, Move on!

If he was that into you, why hasn’t he broken off with the girl and come after you regardless??? As far as I’m concerned he’s playing safe, keeping the girl on the side and having you hold on. And you don’t need the drama.

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U two aren’t kids so there’s no point playing games and delaying any further. Let your brother, folks and all who care to listen know what’s happening and you guys can get on with your lives. If this ‘brother’ isn’t ready to do the needful and some other guy shows up, my dear, move on. It’s his loss! Don’t hold on to something that’s not sure biko.

All the best.



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