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Dear Davina, He wants me to send him my nude pictures

I have been in a relationship for six months now. After I met the guy, we have been chatting calling each other almost every day. I recently went to visit him we had sex, and he keeps asking me to send my nude pics. pls am I doing the right thing

My two cents…


Thanks so much for your mail.
First of all, the fact that you would ask means that deep within you, you are aware that some things are wrong. I actually found your letter exciting because I have been wanting to do a Dear Davina like this.

Please don’t share nude pictures with anyone. What does he want to do with your nude images?

My advice…

1. People don’t realise the dangers of the internet and social space. Once your material has gone out on social media, it is difficult and in several cases impossible to retrieve. These include your WhatsApp, facebook, emails, Skype, Instagram, snapchat or whatever social media you use.

2. Once you have given out content about you to someone via social media, you no longer have control over that content. These content could be images, words, texts or whatever. Once you have sent it to another individual, you have lost every control and you are now at the mercy of that individual as to what they would do with it.

3. There is a rise of revenge porn where people post nude images of an ex they have broken up with as a form of blackmail on online platforms. Sometimes, it is even the new partner of the ex that posts that image. It could be a friend that has beef with you. Your assumption a lot of times is that your partner has deleted the images but this might not be the case. You don’t know what they plan to do with it. They might even be sharing it with someone else.

4. Be conscious of the fact that this relationship might not work out eventually meaning that you might not get married. Until he has walked you down the aisle, consider the relationship as dating. The rule as such should be to share only what you wouldn’t be embarrassed to with later if for any reason the relationship goes south.

I hope this helps

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I look forward to hearing from you


  1. The guy is a schemer and she should be on her guard 100%, the guy is not in love with her but lust and infatuation. I pray she won’t burn her fingers. Please do not send your nude picture and be careful whenever you go to his place a waiting camera can reel out your nude picture even while in the act.

  2. Don’t even think of it! You want to hand him a weapon he can use against you. There has been so many instances of ladies being blackmailed with nude pics supposedly shared with intimate friends.
    Please beware!


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