Hi Davina,

I have a serious problem. I had a misunderstanding with my serious boyfriend and we actually were not on good terms. during this time, one of his friends who had always wanted to date me started to pay me very special attention. One day, I caved in and we actually had sex. Later, he went to tell my boyfriend about it.

My boyfriend is so mad at me that he gets irritated whenever he sees. He says he is so heartbroken and he might not be able to love again. He actually forgave me but his friend won’t stop mocking him.. I’m so confused please help???

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My thoughts…

During times of relationship fissure, parties in the relationship tend to be vulnerable to a rebound relationship. For example in this case, you had a guy who had always been interested in you. He apparently had been waiting for an opportunity which presented itself when you and your boyfriend had the quarrel. It is obvious that all he wanted was to sleep with you.

Because you were hurting, it is likely that you were thinking this guy was a good shoulder to cry on, only to find yourself manipulated into bed with him. I am pretty sure you regret the decision but it has happened and you should just move on.

My Advice…
I would ask you to walk away and forget this relationship. There is too much drama inside it.

First of all, while your boyfriend claims to have forgiven you, it is obvious that not only has he not forgotten, he has also not forgiven you.

Two things are at stake. Wounded love and wounded pride. If you had slept with someone he didn’t know, it might likely not have been as painful. This is too close to home especially having been with someone who constantly taunts him with the thought.

I can just imagine how the relationship would play out further down the line. Each time he is with you and his friends laugh, what thoughts would go through his mind.

You have made a mistake and it would be worse to live inside it at least for now. With time, the could be healing but I don’t see that happening in the immediate.

much love,
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