Dear Davina,

I want to thank you for your words of advice the last time I sought ur help. I have a little issue I want to discuss with you and I’m most optimistic that your response will be of help. I have dated my girl since we were in 300level in school (which you already know) and it has been fun all the way. Even now that we have graduated, the love, bliss and harmony are still there but our greatest problem right now is distance. While in school, we hooked up as frequently as possible because we had the liberty to do so but now I have travelled to my parents house in another state and the distance seems to be a barrier.

Every little thing I do without given her prior notice (even hanging out with friends back home) seems to piss her off. She says that I’m having fun and that’s why I don’t want to come see her. I am handling a little buisness that pays me good cash with my little profit, which I told her about (so I put her in the know). Due to how lucrative the business is, I tend to invest a whole lot of my money in it. This literally means I can’t pay her a visit now because I will be needing money for hotels and feeding.

I have made plans to spend Valentine’s with her but she is pressuring me to make it faster, that she can’t stay longer without seeing me. This is making me sad because I love her and want her to be happy. Whenever she hangs out with her female friend and the friend’s boyfriend, she comes home crying. She then calls me on phone to tell me she’s empty. I really don’t know what  to do because I am caught between pulling out some money from my business and seeing her unhappy.


My 2-Cents:

I think you too have spent some time enough to know each other. Much as this is a new “season” for you two, it requires much understanding from both of you. The lady is not out of mind to desire to spend time with you in person. You are also a wise man to know that first things first. However, we make sacrifices.

So, Valentine’s is a few days away. Plan for it! Don’t bother coming prematurely. Ensure you have saved enough money for the trip and how you will shower her with affection and attention. Give her words that will make her know that she means the world to you and though you might be miles apart, she’s forever in your heart. Invest in a smart phone that can enable you both connect via the various social media apps and video calling apps.

Show her evidence of your work and how you doing all of that for a beautiful future for you both. Tell her it’s her prayers and support that will make it all come together excellently then you too can have your happily ever after.

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I like to think she is a wise woman who will be able to read between the lines, marry all she’s known about you while you both were on campus and make intelligent decisions.
Do let me know how this pans out.





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I look forward to hearing from you…




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