Dear Davina,

I really need your help. I am 31 years old and I’m dating this guy who is 37. Our relationship is just 9 months.

Initially, when we started dating, he told me that he was married before and had one kid, alongside another born out of wedlock. That made two children. But over time, I discovered that he had not only two children but four, with four different women.

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I really love this guy but my family won’t accept me going into that kind of relationship. Please I really need your advice. Hope to hear from you soon.


My 2-Cents:

i think you need to ask him important questions like why wasn’t he totally straight forward with you about his children and the previous women in his life and how did he find himself in this kind of situation? Make him tell you the whole story and find a way to ascertain that he is not lying again.

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I personally think he is pretty irresponsible and my candid opinion is that you should get out quick! However, if you choose to stay, you might want to be extra careful or you will end up the 5th woman in his life with the 5th child. You need to ask yourself practical questions. Is this the kind of life/fututre you want for yourself and would you be able to cope? Objectivity is your greatest bail out here not emotions. Bottomline, he is not a straightforward person so you’ll need your guts to vet all that he tells you henceforth.

All the best darling.



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