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Dear Davina: My best friend slept with my boyfriend

Dear Davina
Am Leticia and I am 24 years Old. My best friend slept with my boyfriend whom I had been dating for 4years and she confessed it to me.

I was doing my NYSC away from my home when he came to visit, he called but I was busy at that time, so I told him that since he was always alone he could call my friend to come to keep him company.

Only for her to tell me after some time that she slept with my boyfriend that please I should not poison her that it just happened. It started with him complaining that I hardly had time for him. She then offered him a friend of hers but when he called the girl the girl was not able to come through. The next thing she knew, they had sex and she still doesn’t know how it happened.

I am still friends with her. Several people have told me that I should stay away from her. I have since broken up with my boyfriend. Please, Dear Davina, I need your advice. what should I do? Should I continue to be friends with her?

Out Soon.

My 2 cents…

Thanks so much for your mail. I appreciate your trust in me.

As far as I am concerned, the matter is an open and closed case. I believe you should walk away from this so-called friend of yours. It is pretty obvious that she has a problem. it is well beyond her sleeping with your boyfriend.

First of all, your friend doesn’t recognize relationship boundaries. Your boyfriend came visiting, you trusted her enough to ask her to keep him company and yet she decided to break the trust. In her own words as related by you, Your boyfriend wanted someone to have sex with and she arranged someone to come to sleep with your man. This is a serious matter. Then when the so-called person didn’t appear, she chose to comfort him by offering herself.

I would have taken it differently if it truly was a case that something sudden happened between them but this is premeditated. Such a person can’t be trusted.

Secondly and most importantly, because she doesn’t recognise these boundaries, it means that she is likely to try it again, this time with another boyfriend or even with your husband. If she doesn’t sleep with them, She would be arranging women for them to sleep me.

There is just one advice from me. Sit her down, talk some sense into her head and be wary of her. This person isn’t qualified to be called a best friend.

much love,
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  1. Some friends are evil. Stay away from her, if she can do this now she can sleep with your husband in the future. Best of luck

  2. You break up with your boyfriend but still are friends with your friend? Interesting. It takes two to tango you know for all you know since it is said you have a busy schedule this might not be the first time our friend is sleeping with your guy.

  3. This feels soo much like my story. In my case, I had been with my man for years with a baby together and upon first introduction my friend went ahead and slept with him. I stopped being friends with her and left that cheat after 10 good years of wasting my youth. Now am married to the most caring man on this earth and happy. Stop being friends with that witch


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