Dear Davina,

Please I am having a hard time in my current relationship. I’m in a relationship with this nice guy but he always finds fault with almost everything I do. More often than not, we have misunderstandings. Most times, they are as a result of me giving my opinion about something or disapproving of something he did to me that I wasn’t comfortable with. Like when I disapprove of him hitting my mouth when I’m talking.

He loves me and I love him too but him complaining about everything I do makes me unhappy. Recently we had a misunderstanding and while we were still sorting out the problem, he was busy posting his ex-girlfriend’s picture on Facebook to celebrate her birthday. When I asked him about it, he told it was the girl who made the request and he didn’t see anything wrong with it.

I’m not sure whether to go on with the relationship or not. There are just some things he does that I interpret as immaturity. Every single thing I say to him, he reads his own meaning into it. Every time we have a misunderstanding, he changes his display picture to show it. He never overlooks any thing. I’m hoping to get your opinion… Thank you.


My 2-Cents:

Whilst i havent heard his own version of the story, i will take all you have said in its stride as the truth! My first observation is that he doesnt seem to respect you much. This is a very important recipe in a relationship and there is no telling the dangers the absence of it can introduce in a relationship.

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Posting the pictures of his ex…without your consent, is also in my opinion not correct especially when it’s the ex asking for it. You asked him about it (which is the right thing to do) and he dismissed it; that gives plenty room to/for worry.

I will be blunt with you, love is not enough for all relationships. It is an important element (maybe the most), but it’s never enough.

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Have a sit-talk with him. His responses to you on a broader perspective of issues should tell you whether to give him room to grow or begin your healing process as you find yourself a more matured man.

All the Best dear,




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