Dear Davina,

I have been dating this guy for three and a half years now. The relationship has been smooth, only problem l have is that my boyfriend is a womanizer and it is killing me.

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We always have issues because of his womanizing. When l complain, he says that I am worrying myself over nothing, that I am the one he wants to get married to. I am afraid that if l can’t change him now we are dating, when we get married he will continue his womanizing.

Then there is this other guy in my life who wants me to marry him. He is my step mum’s younger brother. The guy is nice he has everything a woman will want in a man but the problem is that he is the quiet type. He doesn’t express his feelings. We have not spent time together before but we talk on phone and when we talk or chat, everything seems boring.

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I love my boyfriend very much but his attitude is killing me. Also, he talks to me anyhow without caring that it hurts me. Please l need your help.


My 2-Cents:

My dear, I don’t see much of a problem here. Simply set your priorities right and decide on the kind of future you want to have. An adult’s character can hardly be changed after he/she is grown! So if you can’t deal with what you see now for the long haul, get out of the ship and find another.

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The other man… You need to know him more and you two need to talk more. There’s no harm in trying another man, I’m only concerned it seems too early to jump into another relationship right after breaking up with the current guy.

Think well about your options dear.

All the best



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