Dear Davina

I am writing on behalf of my sister. Please we really need your help. My sister is happily married with four children but her husband does not stay with them due to the nature of his work. He, however, comes back every weekend.

My problem now is that their landlord is asking her to have an affair with him by fire by force. He asked her to come to his house the other day and she refused. The man called her and told her that she must love him, if not, she will see the other side of him.

Please help us, my sister is so confused now. She is concerned that the man may send them out of his house. She doesn’t know how to tell her husband about it. Please help us.


My 2-Cents:

I do not think this is a problem… Except there is something else she’s not saying or she has something to hide.

First thing is to inform her husband and inform him fast. Whether or not the landlord has an affair with her, he could decide to throw them out at will. So would she rather keep a house or her home?

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She should inform her husband and have him make a decision of changing houses or ‘drawing the landlord’s ears’.

All the best…



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  1. pls tell ur husband immediately before is late, before your husband will say “why didn’t u tell me this earlier” Protect ur marriage pls.

  2. Comment:pls let your husband know what is happening so as to protect your lovely family and marriage and not to regret at last ok Good luck with you

  3. I’m just as shocked as the rest of the commenters! How on earth is this an issue? Are you staying in the house for free? I don’t see blackmail in this at all. How now? Just like that? Except there’s something else. Blackmail is when someone threatens to reveal your secret if you don’t do their bidding so how does it apply here? Instead of getting all worked up, give him severe warning first of all & tell your husband about it as well. There’re still vacant houses wherever you live. Smh

  4. Comment:this is so simple. the fact dat he is ur landlord doesn’t make him ur ruler or a god over u. if u don’t know, u have full right as he is in d house even to d point of suing him cos u rented d apartment from him. so there is nothing to b scared of here. just talk to your husband abt it. and if dere is something u av done dat is causing him to threatening u, den u shd also open up. there are so many vacant houses here in Lagos. good luck dear


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