Dear Davina,

My wedding is less than a month away, yet my EX wants me so dearly. She says she wants me to  have sex with her before my marriage so that she won’t be disturbing me anymore.

Please I need ur advice on this disturbing issue.


My 2-Cents:

Brother! Brother!! Brother!!! How many times did I call you? Pull your ears very well and hear me…

First, I’m wondering if your ex is married or single… But any which ways, this is bad news!!!

It’s either of two things:

1. She might just want to use it as a last ditch effort to get you to call off your upcoming wedding. She might after the sex declare that she is pregnant.

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2. She might use it to blackmail you into marrying her.

I know you probably still care about this lady and don’t want to ‘hurt her’ but right now my dear, it’s best to walk away from this ‘temptation’. Please RUN! For the sake of this other woman you have chosen to marry, for whatever reason…Let your ex go.

Even if she is being sincere and it’s really just closure she is after, don’t oblige her this one. It’s best for all parties involved (including her) for you to put your foot down and say NO. You’ll in fact be doing her a favor. Whatever pain or hurt she may feel from you turning her down now, she’ll get over it and probably thank you later.

All the best dear. I really hope you’ll do the right thing here.

Much Love,



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I look forward to hearing from you…




  1. Don’t even think of doing it….. Let her go, you have chosen someone else to marry so that’s the end of everything

  2. Comment: I heard this comment from a popular movie I watched.. I think u have to do the three ‘T’s’… Think,Talk and Think again… Think about what doing that would do to ur intended wife to be, probably talk to the other lady and explain things to her (that’s if u have d luxury of time, I suggest u skip this sha)…and then Think again ( just incase u didn’t think well d first time)… In one sentence, pls don’t do it…

  3. And what are you waiting for? Have you not being doing it before? But be careful because you may end up marring two wife or you destroy the marriage that you are about to round up

  4. Be careful maybe she is sick she you to have a sexual relationship with her so that you can contact the disease and gave to ur wife.

  5. wot re u stil doing wt ur ex re u crazy? if u re gud 4 him why he no marry u, he want 2 keep u as sex mechine, wen ever he needs u he ll cal on u nawoa 4 sm ladies

  6. Comment:imagine that your wife-to-be is the one involved with her ex. what will you advise her to do if you find out?

    • Adeolu fear God small, sex another woman on his bachelor’s eve? God’s Anger is doing press up don’t let it release on u.

  7. the question is.. is your ex married?? or did you ditch her to marry another lady.. because I can’t see you marring another since the two of you have been dating.. whichever it is.. no do am

  8. All of u saying do it are misleading him, u ppl should fear God,u hv forgotten about all these sexually transmitted diseases everywhere, dnt still comprehend the kind of pleasure a lady will derive from a guy that dumped her for another woman,some women shaaa.

  9. My guy , what are u waiting for chaperly chaperly, chop clean month jooo. Respect her last wish dissension but make sure she cry o incase of another time she no fit come near u again

  10. There’s nothing like #sexuallytransmitteddisease again, govt don remove am with subsidy. So guy, don’t even use condom on that bach-eve

  11. It happen lik dat,maybe u wnt to marry her bt due to some settle issue lik blood or tribe and u pple still love each oda,u can give her to avoid hrt attack bt u have to be careful and dnt repeat it again after ur wedding oh

  12. If she is your Ex, then give her an ‘X’ reply! Remember, when you wrote nonsense in school and your teacher gives you a big X!

  13. Datz y people are jhavin children dat are not theirs expecially first child..most ladyz go sleep wif their ex, take in and have d child for another man whom dey claim is their beloved husband..hmmm i laugh in spanish. Ladyz are funny…..

  14. first of all i will like to believe that this guy has already made up his mind i.e. to do it, so all the advice u r giving him is irrelevant…

  15. I know d story is fake, but i will advice u not 2do it, respect God nd dat marriage, u myt fall in2 a problem dat u will neva forget after doin dat shit she wants u 2do

  16. My brother, your wife the behind door the wait. Once you jump untop that is the end of your marriage and even your ex go for axe you out as an X. Don’t Try it

  17. For the fact that you are asking for opinion means you already want to do it….So go ahead and you will reap whatever fruit you sow…Ewu!!


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