Dear Davina,

I have been worried for some time now. My wife has a male friend who is noted for having affairs with both married and single ladies. I asked her to delete his phone number but instead, she called the man and told him what I said. The man then calls me to insult me.

Please, was he acting up or did I accuse my wife wrongly or was my wife right to have told him what I said?


My 2-Cents:

Is it me or something about this story seems off. You have issues with a guy your wife is friends with and ask her to delete his number… Your wife goes to tell him and the man calls you up to insult you… And you’re asking me if the man was acting up???

No, he’s not acting up. He was being stupid but I am more concerned about your wife’s part in all of this. If you have indeed told the story as it actually played out, I can immediately conclude that your wife doesn’t regard you as the husband in your marriage.

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I don’t know what that man smoked or where he got the effrontery to even call you, talk more insult you. I mean, who does that? And what did your wife do when this happened? I would expect my friends (male and female) to treat my husband with the utmost respect so anyone who would have the nerve to pull this kind of stunt (whether justified or not) would definitely hear it from me!

I am quite bothered but there’s no telling what they’ve been up to. Your wife needs to sit up and you two need to get some counseling. What you have described suggests that there’s something not right with your marriage and there’s a lot you are not saying. I would need more information to say more but a chat with your Pastor or someone you both respect will do you a lot of good.

All the best sir



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  1. is very obvious, is jus beyond ordinary frendship for her to disclose what u tell her to the guy and the fool stil have the guds to insult u, mehn you are a weak fellow how are u sure u are even save with such a woman as wife? Mehn mehn! the ear had not heard such before my man.

  2. Their friendship is no longer normal…. You were not wrong in accusing your wife …to crown it all …your wife told him what you said … Thats to show u …she z into him. We all have had most of these scenarios b4 … When someone’s girlfriend start crushing on you ..they tell you everthing about their relationship and tell you how they wish they found you first …. Sir you have found yourself in this situation advice ( thats if Davina will even read this comment) sit your wife down … Tell her what her male-friend did , give her space until she has decided who she wants to be with cos as at now she is having a crush on that guy and any violent action you take will be spelt out as unfounded jealousy and insecurity …then again ask yourself if your wife is trustworthy …..
    I hope you two find love and peace again

  3. You are sharing your wife with such a Man that have the gut to call you and insulting you.
    1.they are dating
    2.your shared wife is telling her everything you discuss

    I will advise you to take things easy if you still need the marriage. Call your wife and try to bury ego and pest her where you missed it with her and what you can do.
    Don’t put in violence because she will take that as an excuse and she will be totally gone.
    Use your discretion and never try to fight either your wife and that Monkey.

  4. I think she has shown to him that she cares about her so called male friend the must be having an affair and for the retard so called friend to even call an insult you says it all something is not right sbout it

  5. It all depends on how you went about the whole issue of telling her to delete the number.Maybe you showed too much insecurity that made you turn the whole issue to drama.if you both had an understanding about the whole thing it wouldnt even raise dust.some men unleash hell once dey are jealouse.for him to get your number its possible you have even called him to warn him.this story is one sided.They might not have any serious thing going and i bet you insulted yourself first with childish behaviour.

  6. I pity for the husband cuz he will be dying silently, though its a very difficult task but one thing iv come to realise in this life is that fighting for love nor for your woman is killing yourself and creating enemies, for external party to be cationing me of my secret discussions with my wife means am totally naked outside and does’nt have a trusted partner anymore, once a heart is broken making it up is just formalities cuz the vacuum will always be there, i will advice the young man to maintain his secrets from the wife, be normal with her, play his role as a man and pray, if the omen continue’s threaten her with break up and if it doesn’t mean anything to her then cement your mind and pray for you rightful wife.


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