Dear Davina,

I have been in a relationship with my woman for a year. For the first three months, we lived peacefully and happily without any form of misunderstanding. We started having issues after three months. Sometimes, we quarrel and raise our voices but at the end, we settle and live happy again.

I see it as a normal thing in relationships because most times, we are in control of the situation and finally settle the issue. I love her so much and I can do anything for her. Whatever she demands, I give it her as long as i have it. I’m always proud of her, no matter where and anytime. I show her off even on my facebook, to my friends and my family.

I can swear to you that I have never cheated on her ever since I met her. She, however, has cheated on me once and when I found out, I didnt even allow her to say sorry before I forgave her. Then I advised her not to do it again, for safety and respect in our relationship. The only problem I have been having with her for some months now is that any little misunderstanding we have, she threatens to break up with me. She has done this on several occasions. Even over issues that don’t warrant a break up, she will want a break up.

Dear Davina: SHE's always threatening to break up with me, should I just end the relationship?

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Most of her friends have advised her to stop it and she accepted but now she has started it again. When I called her and tried to talk to her, to know what the problem is and why she always says she wants a break up, she gave me the excuse that I should not mind whatever she says when she is angry; that she can say anything. But she acts contrary to what she told me; she is always mean. I know I love her so much and I would not want to lose her.

Please I need your advise on how to handle this issue because on a good day, if she says it again, I will just allow her to go. Or is there anything I can do? I’m just confused about this attitude of hers.. Please advise me. Should I just break up or what?


My 2-Cents:

My brother, there’s no smoke without fire. When a lady starts giving plenty drama like this and is threatening to break up with you, I like to think that it’s either she is tired of the relationship or she has a better option she’s considering.

If you say you’ve given everything you have to offer and done all you can, then maybe your best is just not good enough for her and that’s not on you. If she’s not willing to talk to you and tell you what more you can do, then free her. No point stressing the matter and having the never-ending fights.

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Next time she says she wants to break up, tell her it’s fine. That you have tried. Her response to you will either open up the can ‎of worms or humble her forever!

Let me know how that goes.

Much Love



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  1. I’m guilty of dis,I tell me bf it’s over mosttimes we hv issues but it’s alwz bcos am angry or he’s done sometin I cnt bear,,but I don’t tink I will survive if he breaks up with me,I love him very I’ll advice u take it easy with her,she might be right to say she says nasty tins when angry like me but on d other hand,she might be tired of u since she already cheated once,,,I’ll advice nxt time d threats come tell her it’s kul and ure even tired and watch her beg u to take her back or watch her take d opportunity to run


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