Did you know: that we all encounter toxins one way or the other? In fact even down to little babies who have indirect infiltration of inorganic toxins into the bloodstream which deposit in the liver and cause damages.

There are 2 classes of toxins; organic and inorganic, although these types contain a wide variety, DD brings you a few everyday common ones to be aware off;


Arsenic: commonly found in tap water, traced source is pesticides.

  • Lead: commonly found in some pesticides used to protect foods and vegetables which we consume. It is also found in tap water from eroded old lead pipes.
  • Mercury: It gets into our bodies through contaminated fishes and general seafood.
  • Cadmium: found in fertilizers used in farming, we ingest this from eating unwashed fruits and vegetables.

Detoxing techniques:

There are some natural foods which God has given to us to keep our bodies well and safe from ailment by mopping up and flushing out all dangerous toxins from our bodies. Here are some herbs, veggies and fruits taken in their most natural state which are great for detoxing, giving you an internal spring clean:

  1. Chew raw garlic
  2. Drink dandelion infused tea.
  3. Drink artichoke infused water.
  4. Drink lemon infused water.
  5. Drink juiced out chlorophyll from green vegetables.
  6. Enjoy cilantro leaves in salads.
  7. Drink juiced out grapefruit.
  8. Start your day with oatmeal.

Try other foods like whole grain rice, onions, broccoli, peaches, raw spinach and Brazil nuts.


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