‘What do we have here’? I sighed and fetched my phone.

ZEE: Girl, I heard we’re still working together.

RIRI: And morning to you. Yes, Mr Henry reconsidered me, so we’ll be together.

ZEE: Good. You gotta brace up yourself for his bitchy secretary, I hate her.

RIRI: Really? Why?

ZEE: I don’t know, but from what I hear, they’re sleeping together.

RIRI: Sleeping with Henry?

ZEE: Yes, may be rumours.

That did it, that was enough to swing me to another mood. I shouldn’t have added Zee on my Whatsapp list, she always carried gossips ad I wasn’t cool with that.

I was acting crazy and paranoid, yes, Henry was sleeping with someone, what did I expect? He was such a hot guy and women would stop at nothing to seduce him.

Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 16

I pressed my hands to my chest as I realised the emotion I had just felt, Jealousy.

Mfon was still asleep by the time I rushed out of house, I didn’t want to disturb her, so I dropped her a note, saying ‘I love you sleepy head’. Zee was right, maybe others also thought we were lesbians.

I waved a cab and slid into the back. I was always lucky to find an empty cab, being alone helped me think, it helped me prepare myself for the day.

I was so drawn to Henry, I decided to google him. He intrigued me and I couldn’t resist this new found obsession.

‘C.E.O, Olive Groves Corporation. Henry Oluwatosin’ I found his name severally on the Olive Groves Facebook page, but I couldn’t find a personal account of him.

‘What if he was a player’? I thought about this. I felt more stupid as the question crossed my mind, what was I doing? This man was my boss and I had to discipline myself.

‘Come this way’  a security man called to me as I was confused. I’d heard about Olive Groves, I knew they had a vast business network but seeing the establishment for the first time awed me greatly.

‘Thank you’ I whispered to the man as he screened me with some machine.

‘Please, how do I find  Mr Henry’s office’? I asked him sweetly, he didn’t seem like the friendly type.

‘The 30th floor’ he replied without blinking. I licked my lips nervously, I glanced around my environment,  I couldn’t count them, but I was sure a more than a thousand cars were parked outside.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 16

I followed the man’s direction and stepped into an elevator.  I had taken my time to dress up, I wore my best clothes, brushed my hair and wore my best lipstick, but I felt out of place as I stood with others in the elevator.

‘You don’t belong here’ a voice whispered to me. I swallowed hard, they were all gallantly dressed, suits and tie and polished faces.

‘Who’s stopping at thirty’? a female voice asked.

‘I’ my voice sounded alien to me, I was terrified.

I stepped out of the elevator and found my way to the boss’ office, there was a queue, others were in line to see him. I felt like running out of the building, I was grossly underdressed and they all gawked at me. Did I really need this job? Cause truly, I didn’t belong here.

‘Hi’ I whispered to one f them, he ignored me totally.

I needed to speak with Zee urgently, I needed her around me.  I quickly dialled her number and focused on the ceiling.

‘Where are you, Zee? I’m on the 30th floor’ I quickly chipped in.

‘I’m in the elevator with a surprise’ she sounded mischievous.

‘What surprise?’ I wondered.

‘Hello’? I repeated but the line went dead.

‘This isn’t a call house, so you better stay put, if you want to see the boss’ all eyes turned on me as I struggled to see the owner of the voice.

‘Me’? I asked the light skinned lady that was busy filing her nails.

‘Of course, don’t make stupid calls while you’re here’ she repeated. This must’ve been the secretary Zee spoke off, I hated her instantly.

‘Alright time’s up, the boss says he needs to go for a meeting, you can all return after two hours’ she announced as she dropped the telephone that lay on her desk.

Two hours? I wasn’t going anywhere, at least I’ll let him see me, my boss would be upset if I lost the job again, Mr Juwon was a very patient man but he was equally vicious when provoked.

‘What are you waiting for? Join the others, leave’ she eyed me disgustingly, I was the only one standing as others had left.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 16

‘I have to see your boss, I’m reporting from Lynks PR, I’m to resume today’ I replied.

‘It’s like you’re deaf, my boss isn’t going to see you’ she was so confident.

‘It’s okay  Tola’ he stepped outside swiftly, and I felt butterflies dance in my tummy. He was more handsome than I’d met him the day before, tall, dark and hard. His eyes were brooding and had a seductive glow in them, his lips were sensuous and I felt drawn to them.

‘But sir…’ she protested.

‘Good morning sir’ I bent my knee and tore my eyes away from his penetrating gaze, he was looking at me, I became very shy as I remembered his text message.

‘I’m happy someone got my message, where’s your partner’? he eyed me mockingly.

‘She would be here soon sir’ I replied still.

‘Good. Like Tola rightly said, I have some important matters to attend to, so I’ll refer you to the head of the media team, Mr Lawal’ he gave me a card.

‘Okay, sir…’ I waited for other instructions.

He was about to say something when Zee walked in and I felt my wound open, her ‘surprise’ had inflicted this wound on me.

Deji followed closely behind.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 16

Seeing him there unsettled me and if I wasn’t strong, I’d have collapsed, I thought I was over me, but his presence had this effect on me. The memories of our lovemaking tormented me, I still remembered that night I’d offered myself to him.

‘Goodmorning sir’ Zee grinned delightedly and walked towards me.

‘Hold yourself, don’t appear weak’ she whispered to me and I took her advice.

‘Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier’? I asked.

‘Cause I know you, you’d quickly disappear, I know you look strong outside, I know you’re still fragile’ she replied and her words cut deep into my flesh.

‘Goodmorning Henry’ Deji said. He had seen me, I was sure of this but he acted like I wasn’t there or I didn’t matter.

‘Mr Williams’ Henry took him in, sized him up, he couldn’t wait to reduce this young man to nothing.

‘So, I heard we are having this meeting, I’m here’ Deji threw his hands into the air.

‘Good. Now let’s go’ Henry was irked by his attitude, who did he think he was?

‘Riri’ Henry called, that startled me, how did he know my nickname?  ‘Riri’?

‘Sir’? my lips trembled, I also saw the displeasure on Deji’s face and it pleased me greatly.

‘Report to Mr Lawal, I’ll see you both later’ he said and turned his back.

‘Wow, you’re fast’ Zee winked.

‘What do you mean’? I knew what she was about to say, but I feigned ignorance.

‘Riri? How did he know that? And here I was thinking you backwards in the ways of the world’? Zee raised her brows.

…To be continued

You Have Been Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 16

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