I thought to myself, what if she’s going through something very bad with Henry, and she’s trying to warn my friend about it? So, I got lucky when you weren’t on seat, I stole your numbers, hoping to talk to you later, I still wasn’t sure it was you, but when you stepped into the bathroom and cried your eyes out, I knew something bad was happening and I knew it had to do with rape.

However, I still had my doubts, then the text message came, the one before Riri left for Dinner with Henry, in her state of fear, she didn’t realize, this one came with a phone number, I cross checked it with the numbers I’d stolen from your phone, that was how I caught you.’ Zee explained.

‘I don’t know what to say, I was too afraid to speak out’ Tola’s eyes brimmed with tears.

‘You’re safe now. I promise you that’ Zee rubbed her shoulder.

‘He rapes me anytime he wants, sometimes, he hits me. I cannot tell anyone because of the pictures and videos he has of me’ she cried.

Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 31

‘What Pictures and Videos’? I stepped into the house, I was surprised to see Tola, and why was she in tears?

‘Redeemed! Oh thank God, you’re safe from that lunatic’ Mfon rushed and hugged me.

‘Guys, thanks for warning me. On getting there, Henry changed, I’ve never seen him that way before, he looked so angry and domineering. I’m happy you called on me on time. He even asked me to stop speaking to Deji’ Riri swallowed hard, maybe it was time to tell her friends about her crazy plans to hurt Deji.

‘All thanks to Tola, she had enough to tell us about that psychotic bastard’ Zee said.

‘Tola? What’s going on here’? I asked looking confused.

An hour passed after she’d told me all about Henry and how she’d been the one behind the text messages. I was too stunned to speak. Why was I a magnet to bad guys?

First, it was Deji, now someone worse.

‘He took me out on a date just like he took you, then we went to this fancy hotel, he gave me something to drink, it was spiked. I woke up the next morning and found myself in a video having sex with his driver, and my nude pictures all over. I knew he’d do same to you, it was only a matter of time. Then he’d hit me or force me to have sex with him, especially when he was infuriated. I’ve lived in silence and fear all these years. Henry is really dangerous’ Tola cried.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 31

‘I’m so sorry’ I cried with her. Deji had hurt me, but not like this, this was a whole new level of wickedness.

‘He had this wicked plan, to take Sazad foods from its owners, he asked me to sleep with Mr Deji Williams so I could get him information. That wasn’t the first time I’d done something like that, I met Mr Deji, but he seemed like a nice person and I couldn’t do it’ Tola sniffled.

‘Deji’? the girls chorused.

‘Yes, Deji Williams, he even dated you because somehow he got to know you and Deji were in a relationship. He was playing this alpha game with Deji, so he knew getting you into his bed would hurt like nothing else’ Tola added, to my amazement. Henry was crazy.

‘So he only wanted to use me’? I rose to my feet. Things were getting interesting, I saw why he wanted me to help steal those papers from Deji.

‘He also asked me to spy Deji for him’ I licked my lips. I knew my friends would be disappointed.

‘What? Don’t tell me that was why you went over to his place’? Zee arched a brow

‘You went to Deji’s place’? Mfon stood hands akimbo.

‘Alright I can explain, Henry came to me with this proposal, he told me Deji was dangerous and had refused to give up the original documents of Sazad Foods, which would validate the merger between the two companies. He told me to help get it for him. I found the idea crazy, somewhat strange, but I agreed to it, because, I wanted to hurt Deji like he hurt him, I wanted him to pay, but something happened when I went to his house. He treated me so nicely and I got confused’ I recalled the events of that evening.

‘So why would Henry want Sazad foods so much? What makes him think he could get it’? Zee asked Tola.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 31

‘I wouldn’t know, but I know this, Henry gets whatever he wants. He could take anyone out just to get it, he even took his only brother out, Berger Tosin, but he survived Henry’s arrows. So the best we could do is to warn Deji Williams to be careful’ Tola suggested.

‘I agree with her’. Suddenly, all my hate for Deji vanished, we now had a common enemy. Henry the hawk.

‘We still need to be careful, how about the videos Henry has? If he finds out, she’s anywhere connected to this, he could release them’ Mfon cautioned.

‘I’m no longer scared. He has already ruined my life, I’d give you guys all the details you need’ Tola rose to her feet. She felt better and more confident after telling of her gruesome experience with Henry.

‘Let’s go then’ Zee fetched the car keys and we all slid into the car.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 31

He walked into the house feeling dejected. How could she reject him because of her friends? He felt pissed off by that action, he couldn’t wait to get her into his bed, he would humiliate her just as much as she’d humiliated him.

He paused and watched the shadows that moved inside, his father and Berger were having a discussion and that didn’t sit well with him. Berger wasn’t harmless, what if he’d told their father about his plot to kill him? he would fall from the good graces of the man and that wasn’t a good thing.

He needed to act fast. Someone had to die in his family. The die would be cast in the morning.

He dialed Tola’s number, now Redeemed was out of the equation, he relied solely on Tola, he needed her to act faster.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 31

We’d arrived Deji’s house, the four of us stood anxiously on his veranda, he was going to be startled.

‘Open up Deji’ I pounded harder, we couldn’t relent.

‘What’s going on here’? once again a shirtless Jake welcomed us, there wasn’t time for questions and answer, so I pushed him aside and went into the house.

‘Hey, what’s happening’? Jake was confused, had Deji impregnated four women at a blow? That was all he could think of.

‘Redeemed? What’s happening’? Deji was surprised to see her along her friends.

‘Tola? What are you doing here’? he found it strange to see her in Riri’s company.

‘Deji, Henry is very dangerous and we need to do something about it else he’ll hurt Tola, please we need your help’ we explained the rest to him.

Of all standing, Jake’s face became pale, like he had seen a ghost.

‘I told you Jake, that guy is evil’ Deji patted his arm. He’d heard enough, he pitied Tola more after hearing about her ordeal at his hands.

‘So what do we do’? I asked. I had left out the part where Henry had sent me to spy on him.

‘We go straight to the police’ he answered curtly.

‘But we have no proof’ Jake said.

‘And it’s dangerous for Tola’s reputation’ Zee answered.

‘This is tough, what should we do’? he was equally confused.

‘Tola, think, why do you think Henry really wants Sazad foods? Just think, any details? Try and remember something we could work with’ Mfon suggested.

…To be continued

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