‘Tola, think, why do you think Henry really wants Sazad foods? Just think, any details? Try and remember something we could work with’ Mfon suggested.

‘Uhmmm’ Tola rolled her eyes trying to remember. Her phone buzzed immediately, and silence ate up the whole place.

‘Who’s calling’? I asked.

‘Henry’ her lips trembled.

Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 32

‘I can feel him everywhere, he is watching us, just like he watched me all those months so he could end my life’ Berger poured himself some wine. He was happy his father could trust him now.

‘Henry has been a real bad son. Thanks once again Berger’ the old man dropped the papers he’d gone through. Olive Groves had lost a lot of cash in unexplainable circumstances. Henry had deceived him and he would equally be made an object of deceit.

‘So what’s your plan father’? Berger asked.

‘If I tell you about my plan, it ceases to be a ‘plan’, so let sleeping dogs lie and wake when the birds sing’ the old man rose to his feet. There was only one way to end it all.

‘Your son is a dangerous man, we have to be careful’ Berger retorted.

‘And the man who birthed him is more dangerous. Get some sleep Berger, tomorrow would be a long day’ the man left for his bedroom.

Yes, learning never stopped, even in old age, people still had to learn, and he’d learnt yet another lesson, that baby hawks could prey on eagles.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 32

‘What should I do’? her hands trembled

‘Answer it, act like everything is fine, I’m quite sure, he would ask you about Deji, so I’d recommend you take a selfie with him and make it look very convincing’ Zee suggested. We all agreed, it was a good idea.

In a few seconds, they’d taken the picture.

‘Hello good evening sir’ Tola swallowed

‘Hey, what’s going on with Deji? Anything for me’? Henry asked eagerly.

‘I am about to have sex with him, once we’re done, I’ll send you everything you want by morning, I wouldn’t fail you’ Tola’s voice became seductive.

‘Good. I’m glad you took my advice’ he sounded happy to learn of her progress.

‘You know that company is built on crude oil, if I can get my hands on it, I could make a fortune’ Henry laughed.

‘What company sir’? Tola raised her brows. What did he mean, it was built on crude oil?

‘Never mind. Send me everything by ten A.M, I intend to sleep for long’ he quickly kept his tongue wired. Euphoria made people do foolish things. He wouldn’t give up now he was so close to getting those documents.

‘I just sent you  a picture.’ Tola eyed the rest of us.

‘You’re really working hard. If you get me those documents, I’d destroy that video and those pictures’ he was very pleased as he watched the picture. Deji wouldn’t know what hit him.

‘Okay then. I wouldn’t fail you’ Tola threw the phone on the couch and faced us.

‘What did he say’? Deji asked.

‘Nothing much, but there’s something I didn’t quite understand. About a company being built on crude oil, I asked him about it and he got evasive’ she replied.

‘Crude oil? What’s that supposed to mean’? Jake wondered.

‘Redeemed’? Zee called me quietly. I remembered my conversation with her.

‘Uhmmm, Jake? Remember you said the land upon which Sazads is was a cemetery back then’ I licked my lips.

‘Yes, he said that, how does that relate’? Deji asked.

‘Oh my God, this isn’t possible’ it dawned on Jake that Sazad Foods may have traces of mineral material on their soil.

‘What’s that’? Deji asked.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 32

‘You were right, the Tosin’s wanted a merger because they knew we had crude oil on our land. I get it now, and I feel they’d planned something more evil in store for us’ Deji was right, Jake felt stupid for buying Henry’s cock and bull story.

‘I told you. If this is true, then they don’t plan to keep up to their end, they must have planned to wipe us out or buy our company altogether’ Deji rose to his triumphantly.

‘This hasn’t solved any problem, it has just answered a question of  ‘why’? now, how do we deal with Henry’? I asked. There had to be something.

‘What if you ask him about it? And you tape the conversation? That could get us some evidence, you know he trusts you’ Zee suggested.

‘No, that’s too dangerous, I don’t want to put her in harm’s way’ Deji rose to protect me and my heart fluttered, did he really care about me?

‘Deji, what if it’s the only way to put this bastard behind bars’ I was prepared to do anything.

‘I think we should speak to his elder brother Berger, he may help us out’ Tola said.

‘Why do you think that? They’re still brothers’ I said.

‘No, Henry tried to kill Berger, so Berger would want to return the favour’ Tola answered.

‘Okay, I think, I prefer this other strategy than putting Riri on the line, we’ll find Berger and negotiate, if that doesn’t work out, that’s the only time we’ll use Riri’ Deji walked up to me.

‘Why are you so scared? I can take care of myself’ I looked up to him.

‘No, I’ll take care of you’ he smiled kindly, someone snorted, I knew it was Zee.

‘So, Tola, how do we find Berger’? Jake asked.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 32

‘Goodmorning father, Berger….’ Henry acknowledged them and took a seat far from his brother.

‘Morning son, you woke late, no work today’? the old man asked.

‘I need rest’ Henry watched them closely. He stared intently at the old man for some seconds, he was in a good mood, meaning, Berger hadn’t exposed his secret yet.

He still had time to plot his brother’s final demise.

‘How’s the company going Henry’? Berger asked, still pondering on what their father had to do with Henry.

‘Fine Berger and how’s photography treating you’? Henry asked in return.

‘Fine’ Berger replied.

They ate in silence for some moment.

‘Fetch me my favourite scotch, pour them into glasses and let us celebrate’ the old man called out to the chef.

‘What exactly are we celebrating father’? Henry arched a brow.

‘The downfall of the Williams.’ He answered.

‘Don’t tell me, you and Henry still do shady deals’ Henry scoffed, his father confused him the more.

‘Well, that’s why we’ll keep succeeding, honesty is not needed in the business world’ Henry beamed.

‘Yes, drink up boys, I’m so proud to have both of you as sons’ the old man swallowed his drink in one gulp.

‘To the downfall of the Williams’ Henry raised his glass and drank.

‘I drink to honesty’ Berger gulped the hot liquid.

‘So, Henry is right Berger, honesty isn’t needed in the business world’ the old man smiled mischievously.

‘Businessmen are like hawks, they always take what isn’t theirs’ the man added.

Thos words touched Henry, there was this triumphant glow in the old man’s eyes and he wasn’t comfortable.

‘Yes, hawks’ Henry adjusted his shirt.

‘But I’ll like to ask a question, is it right for Hawks to take from their family’? the old man rose to his feet.

You Are Reading: Diary of a Lovesick Writer – Episode 32

‘Father’? Berger was confused.

Henry was silent. That question was meant for him, his cover had been blown. The old man was no fool.

‘Speak to me Henry, do Hawks take from their own blood’? the man repeated.

‘Well, hawks always get what they want’ Henry smiled mischievously and pulled a pistol from his pocket.

‘Bloody heavens, what do you think you’re doing Henry’? Berger jumped to his feet.

‘You think I’m a fool? I watched as you two discussed the night before, I knew you must have tipped father off, told him how I’d tried to kill you. I knew I had to keep my guard cause you’ll want revenge’ Henry pointed the pistol at Berger.

‘No, son, you’re mistaken, this isn’t about Berger, it’s about hawks’ the old man smiled again.

‘What are you talking about’? Henry wondered.

‘Stealing from Olive Groves and using it to run your bloody little shipping company, did you think I wouldn’t find out’? the man asked.

…Watch out for final Episode

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