There are two major types of sleep; the REM Sleep and the NREM Sleep. REM sleep (also known as Rapid Eye Movement sleep), is exhibited when a person is actually sleeping but the eyeballs are in constantly motion sort of depicting high activity in the brain such as when a person is dreaming. Whilst the NREM ( non rapid eye movement sleep) Is just as important as the REM Sleep, during which the body produces most of the growth hormone while sleeping.

Growth hormone (GH) named due to its functions, I released during NREM Sleep.
GH increases your calcium retention (to help maintain your bone mass), it promotes fat loss, it reduces fat storage, it supports your immune system and it keeps your organs operating smoothly.

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GH isn’t the only part of the human physiological process affected by insufficient sleep, hunger and body refuelling Is also controlled during sleep by the same NREM Sleep. During sleep, the body balances two hunger-controlling hormones—ghrelin and leptin. One study revealed that; there is a strong link between limited sleep, high levels of hunger-inducing Ghrelin, low levels of satisfaction-inducing Leptin and obesity. DD advices you seek medical advice from your general physician if you are struggling with sleep. Some tips to try out are; exercise to ware you out, warm or hot chocolate drink to soothe you internally and for those married a nice helping of sex to cam, relax and gently usher you into sleep.


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