We have all heard of hair dandruff, that’s if we are lucky enough not to have suffered from it. Yes, it’s annoying and pretty embarrassing at times but the good news is it’s curable. What you need to take care of is stopping them from increasing abnormally. Dandruff can be caused by several reasons. These includes:

  • Dryness of the scalp
  • Infrequent shampooing
  • Yeasts like fungus
  • Eczema

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All of the above-mentioned reasons can give rise to those little white flakes called dandruff. It may hamper your self-esteem if remained untreated for long. Why wait, when you have simple home-made remedies for the rescue.

Before we discuss the ways that can help you eliminate dandruff flakes, you need to identify its type. Different types of dandruff have different remedies. So, it’s important to understand first its type and cause to get the right treatment done. It will help you avoid different trial and error methods which can cause further damage to your scalp and hair.

Different Types of White Large Dandruff Flakes

1. Dry Skin Related Dandruff:

Dandruff caused due to dry skin is one of the most common types. Mostly during winters, washing your hair with warm water tends to make it dry and flaky.

2. Oil Related Dandruff:

The next common cause is an accumulation of sebum oil secreted from your scalp. Improper or irregular shampooing habits often lead to this type. If your hair and scalp is not clean, the sebum/skin oil combines with all the dead skin cells and dirt forming itchy flakes.

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3. Fungal Dandruff:

Malassezia, a fungus, is naturally found on the skin and scalp. Normally, this fungus has limited growth. But, excessive oil on the scalp serves as food for this fungus, thus helping them grow immensely. This fungus produces oleic acid as a metabolic by-product. This oleic acid, in turn, produces an increased turnover of skin cells, causing unwanted white flakes.

4. Disease Related Dandruff:

Serious causes may include infections related to the scalp. For instance, PSORIASIS CAUSES excessive production of skin cells on the scalp. This leads to scaly skin. They shed and combine with dirt and sebum oil causing dandruff. Similarly, eczema also causes the skin to become itchy and flaky.

Home remedies for treating dandruff

Treatment from professionals may certainly give you great results but how about some simple home remedies for dandruff? You might just get the same great results without spending that extra penny!

  • Fresh lime juice (a teaspoon) for the last rinse while washing your hair can do wonders.
  • Apply a paste of fuller’s earth and lemon juice onto the scalp once a week.
  • Massaging the scalp with curd for about half an hour prior to washing is also known to be an effective measure. You can make it even more effective by keeping the curd in open for at least 3 days.
  • Mix cider vinegar with water in equal quantities. Rub it gently onto your scalp before washing hair. This can knock off dandruff very effectively.
  • Proper hygiene practices such as proper and regular washing of hair and keeping the scalp clean is the best way to fight dandruff.



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