People say my divorce story is hilarious but I don’t think so because it cost me my marriage.

My name is Najite, I used to be a Tomboy back in the days but I had to change when men started running from me thinking I was a lesbian.

I can do anything a man would do, even better. I guess it was because I grew up amidst boys. As the only girl among five boys I couldn’t help acting like them or even talking like them, asides this, I found it hard to connect with my gender so well because to me, guys are more real and cool than ladies.

I finally had to cut down on my masculinity a great deal because it was getting people around me concerned even my parents were not okay with my lifestyle and my mum would worry that no man would find me attractive with my lifestyle.

With constant tears and pleading from my mum, I began working on myself, acting more ladylike and also learnt to find pleasure in what the female folks would find pleasure in but I still had that manly nature within me.

I was big on exercise and keeping fit, and thus would usually hit the gym as often as I could, at least, no one raised eye brows at that.

Instead of doing the usually lady thing at the gym or using the female friendly gym equipment, I would rather use the men’s section and equipment.

I was quite popular at the gym because of my unusual ways and it was one of those days I met the, man I married Maxwell.

It was his first time at the gym and one thing had led to another and we found ourselves chatting through the sections. He was quite awed of how much of the male world I know, from, sports to cars to music and over time we became buddies.

Two years later, we got married the only and thing I begged my husband was never to hit me, and he promised he won’t.

One year down the line of marriage, my husband would threaten to hit me whenever we had an argument, but he never really did, so I thought it must have been because I pleaded with him sincerely not to ever hit me before we got married.

It wasn’t until one day my husband lost it when my ex called me and we spoke for a long time, he was telling me about his broken marriage and I was encouraging him, telling him no marriage was perfect and he just had to try and make things work with his spouse.

My husband just came from nowhere and dragged the phone from me, threw it to the wall. I was shocked, did not know why he did that and I tried to ask him why. The next was a resounding slap on my face.

What! I screamed, before you could say jack, the man in me came out, I lifted my husband and threw him to the ground, I punched and pounded him till he started bleeding from his nose, mouth and God knows where else. I didn’t even hear his pleas for mercy, I just wanted to satisfy my rage and prove to him that no man messes with me.

By the time I came back to my senses, my husband had fainted. I had to pour him water and called for help.

He spent several days in the hospital as I had injured him so badly.
I couldn’t believe I did that to him, I began to wonder if my hands were made of iron, even the doctors didn’t believe human hands did that to him so I told them he got into a fight with our driver who was heavily built.

Shame wouldn’t let me admit my hands did that to my beloved husband. When he regained consciousness, the first thing he said was that the doctors should send me out, that I am a monster and told them what I did to him, forgetting how he provoked me.

His family also came and accused me of wanting to kill their son and breadwinner. I couldn’t even defend myself. They urged him to send me away that I could as well murder him someday. That no ordinary woman is capable of doing what I did to him.

I had to go ask my family to come beg his, telling them that it was only a mistake and wouldn’t repeat itself. His family kept escalating the issue and as we speak, I’m still estranged from my husband simply because I defended myself from him the only way I knew.


  1. Girl, it is called self-defense. What if you were the one admitted in the hospital,i love you gut at least he won’t lay his hands on any woman again.

  2. Why not go to WWE to wrestle Rhonda Rousy?

    The husband was just jealous which is normal for a man that truly loves his wife. A slap wasn’t enough reason to panel beat him that way.

    It’s only God that can touch him to accept you again. Good luck.

    • I wonder if u would say such if it was the other way round? Eitherways Mr, domestic violence shouldn’t be encouraged whether the man is in love or not. You don’t beat or hit someone u claim to love OK. Be wise.

    • Really its ok to slap her but not ok for her to defend herself huh. He deserved the beating and more. Being jealous does not give you the right to hit your wife

    • Hmm! Domestic violence is wrong, period. Whether it’s coming from the man or woman, it should not be encouraged. Imagine if the tables were turned and the woman got provoked and slapped her husband who then retaliates the only way he knew how and that is to beat her into a pulp like she did him. I’m sure the comments here would change. Ofcos the man shouldn’t have slapped her either. A sensible person should have found out who she was talking to and what was being discussed first, before acting out.

  3. I wonder if you would say same if it was the other way round. Domestic violence shouldn’t be encouraged eitherways. You don’t beat or hit someone you love. From ur write up…it’s obvious u are OK with a man hitting a woman in the name of love and jealousy. Good for you. Please be wise Mr.

    • Yaa u remember eh
      I thought in that story the man pleaded with her not to tell anyone she beat him

      Anyways maybe it’s the same person 🤣

  4. Your husband was wrong to destroy your phone and slap you. But you overreacted. Good o. Continue. Chatting with your ex for long….. In the presence of your husband….. Hian! Okay o. Go and get another husband because this marriage is over. Next time chat with your ex with discretion. No man tolerates that. You want to kill your husband for his family? Go and become a professional wrestler. Gym na karate class?

  5. I can’t help laughing my ass out 😂😂😂😂😂😂….Writer, I doubt if he will accept u back cos he’s obviously scared for his life..

  6. There’s no way in hell he’s coming back dear. He over reacted and you went over board. You could probably go back to the ex. Goodluck

  7. There’s no way in hell he’s coming back dear. He over reacted and you went over board. You could probably go back to the ex. Goodluck

  8. This stories of women beating men always sounds strange to me cause it was never meant to be I don’t encourage domestic violence either but a man should always stand as a man in any situation

  9. I think u went overboard… U could have taught him a lesson…. Without punching him to fainting. U re no better than him. It was d first time, u might actually be d worse beast…

  10. An Ex that dint marry you and has problems in his marriage has caused a problem in your marriage too. First lets assume both of you don’t have the abilities of hitting each other and he was on a phone with his Ex wont you have reacted in a way or the other, wont you have felt jealous, murmured or nagged .He reacted by slapping that was wrong but you went over board by disgracing him as a man, a punch or two would have been fair but you dint stop there. its just like him striping you naked in public and then starts begging you to put on clothes that’s what you did to him, you killed his pride. Maturity is control my dear, self control.

  11. Najite you shouldn’t have gotten married if you know you can’t control yourself. What you did is a grave sin before God, you could have been charged for murder had he died. Raising your hand on your husband is sin and vice varsa. You fired the first shot by shamelessly talking to your ex in your husbands’ presence daring him instead of explaining to him, so you still have skeletons and i hear rabble rausers saying you should go back to your Ex..i can tell you where that one is will kill him and end up behind bars. You need to give your life to Christ and ask Him to deliver you from the spirit of aggression in you. Then and only then will God intervene and restore your home.

  12. Repent..Ask God to forgive you and deliver you from spirit of aggression. What you have done is a grave sin against God and your head, husband. you have skeletons in your cupboard and dared your husband by speaking to your EX on phone before him and you hit him, where is your submission. As for rabble raucers advising you to go to your Ex, i can tell you where it will lead, he will beat you and you will kill him and end up behind bars. Give your life to Christ, then and only then will God intervene and restore your home.

  13. Najite. It’s not a grave sin and you didn’t fire the first shot. He should have respected you enough to ask who that was before he slapped you. Yes the manly nature a
    Came out and went further than you could imagine but you didn’t so it on purpose so forgive yourself and keep praying if you still want the marriage. Family will say what they want but soon go back to their lives. Fighting for yours mattees.
    Question: use this time to reflect on other issues in the marriage and ask yourself if it’s worth it? He may come back but not fully forgive you.

  14. 😂😂😂😂your husband got exactly what he deserved, even if the marriage ends he will never hit another woman as long as he lives. If all wife beaters got this treatment domestic violence would have ended ages ago. Well done!


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