Divorce Story 56: Kola, She Was Too Fetish

divorce story 56

Hi Dear readers, I have been away for a while, and I am sure you have missed my column and the divorce stories. Today, I am publishing a story that seems funny but has some form of credence within our environment and society.

I get several divorce stories where one party alleges that the other used some form of charms on them. I usually refrain from publishing those stories but I have several that I thought I should share with you. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Please share them in the comments section. You could also send your divorce stories to roos.t@davinadiaries.com. I promise the utmost confidentiality.


Hello Davina diaries, thank you for the opportunity to share my story here. I sent my wife packing because she was too fetish. My name is Kola and this is my story of divorce.

I met my wife Kemi at a wedding ceremony in my home town. She was one the ladies that served us food and drinks. My friends got joking with her and the other ladies. Somehow I got her number and I began to call her often as I found that she lived in the town close to ours.

I started to visit her regularly and got to like her a lot. She had a small restaurant which she ran with her sisters. It was a thriving place and she was popular among the people there. As things progressed, we began to plan for our future as I felt she would make a good wife.

Since I lived in another town, we had to make fresh plans concerning her business since she would move in with me after the wedding ceremony. We went back and forth about it until we reached a mutual agreement. We agreed that she would return to her business for a year then join me to establish her business in my town.

We got married in the traditional way and then met with my pastor for marriage blessings. She would spend the week in her home town and stay weekends with me. We managed this way for a while as almost a year into the marriage, she got pregnant.

At this point, She was forced to stop going home because of her delicate condition. She delivered a baby boy months later. I advised her to take a break for a while in order to care for our son. I also began to look for a shop for her so that she could start her business and not return to her former base. Eventually I got one and we set it up together.

Within a year of setting up, it became the most popular buka in the area. I, began to experience some challenges in my business at that same time. I lost money in several investments. Kemi’s business, on the other hand, seemed to keep getting better.

My Road to Divorce

We soon had a daughter but by this time, I could barely fulfill my obligations as a husband and father. I began to depend on Kemi for most things. She complained that she was tired of footing all the bills and urged me to contribute even though she knew my status.

In desperate need of help, I decided to go to the mountain to pray and seek God. While there, I met a prophet who called me by my name. I was surprised and wondered how he knew me.

I found out that he had come to pray with his congregation. He called me aside and told me things about myself that only I knew; Then he told me why I had come to that mountain which was my dwindling fortune. All this caught my attention. He asked that I joined their prayer meeting which I did.

After the prayers, he called me aside and asked me about my wife. I wondered why he asked. He then said I should be extra careful with her and that I should be more prayerful. He then revealed to me that she had planted charms against me and that her charms were working against me.

I was so confused by the time I got home. I didn’t know to relate with Kemi anymore. I kept calm though and began to monitor things. Soon I saw what the prophet talked about.

One day, our little daughter innocently brought out some charms to me in the sitting room. I was shocked at the items. A skull, several cowrie shells and a calabash. I asked her where she found them and she took me into our room and pointed under the bed. I bent and looked under and saw other items including my photo tied with red cloth.

Immediately I picked up my children and took them to my pastor. I explained to him what I had seen and he asked that I came to see him with Kemi. I couldn’t sleep another night in that house. When she returned from work that night and didn’t meet anyone, she called me. I told her I was at the pastor’s place and she came not knowing what was up.

There she confessed after seeing the overwhelming evidence before her. She said that she had used juju to make her business do well and had slipped something in my food several times to keep me under her. That was all I needed to send her off. I kept the children; she can only see them when I’m present. This incident has made me a prayer warrior.

Thank you Davina diaries.


  1. Well it do happens, a Lady,family friend once showed me a fetish concoction in her husband wardrobe.for the purpose she could not define.

  2. Thank God you are safe but pls I need your help as well to tap in this blessings. How can I get the number of the spiritual pastor the God used for him, you can mail me pls.


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