Divorce Story 59: Sophie, He Cheated On Me

Divorce Story 59: Sophie, He Cheated On Me

Hello all, my name is Sophie and I would love the opportunity to have my divorce story published. I have read through all the previous stories and I must say I’m intrigued. I left my husband for cheating on me. It may sound like a flimsy excuse as women are enduring cheating husbands but I just cannot stand cheating. I have always had the mindset that if you decide to pick me as a wife then you are saying you are sticking with me all through.

I met my husband through a mutual friend. Frank was a banker in one of the big banks in Nigeria. I was working as a cosmetologist in a new skincare manufacturing Firm. He was a handsome man and seemed responsible enough. We liked each other genuinely and began to date almost immediately. I admired his intelligence and his generosity. He, on the other hand, was quite smitten by me.

We went through the whole dating process, fighting, breaking up and making up. We had several talks along the way. We discussed our past relationships and he made it clear to me that he was not in communication with any of his exes. I have been called difficult in the past; I guess that’s why I hadn’t had so many relationships. I expressly made it clear that I didn’t like cheating and that it was a deal breaker for me. He assured me that he would stay faithful. He truly loved me. I loved him too.

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We had a beautiful wedding almost a year later. We settled into our new roles as best as we could. Our union was blessed with two children. I later resigned from where I worked to set up my own beauty line. I needed to be flexible for the sake of my children. Frank had been promoted several times over the course of our ten years of marriage. This made him have a tight schedule. I often had to take the kids to school and bring them back. Even on Sundays, I sometimes had to take them to church alone.

I never suspected my husband of cheating for one day. I discovered quite by accident. I was not the type to browse through my husband’s phone but on this day I needed to make an urgent call. As I picked up the phone, a message came in. it was from a woman. I opened it and what I saw shocked me. He had spent his evening at her place. Here I was thinking he had been at work and closed late. Her messages were explicit. They had been sleeping together for almost a year from what I read. Her nudes were there as well.

My husband had been in the shower when all this was happening. When he returned, we had a shouting match. He wanted to accuse me of going through his phone but I attacked him. We went back and forth and woke our children up. Their innocent faces looked from father to mother wonderingly. I had to stop. I hugged them and took them back to their room. I told them that it was just an argument and everything was fine.

I told his parents about it. They said they’d talk to him and told me things about enduring. I laughed because for me it was over. Frank came begging but I was too hurt. It was not a onetime thing, this woman was his steady mistress; probably waiting to jump in. I was not ready to be number two in anybody’s life. I filed papers after a few months of separation. I went ahead because I saw them exiting a hotel a few days before.

We currently share custody of our children.  I don’t know if he’s still seeing the other woman, all I know is that I have my peace of mind now. Women should not tolerate cheating spouses. Women should not accept anything that makes them unhappy.


  1. So, what’s her gain now, that means if she remarries and her husband still cheats, She will still files for divorce. ..what about the parental care both parent needs on the children,
    Does the husband shows remose or not, is there any 100% trustworthy humanbeing out there, As much as I don’t support cheating, I still belief in second chance especially because of the children bringing up

  2. Judging by her fix standpoint I think she is too strict and and somehow possibly not showing enough emotional affection for the hubby hence hre Hubby’s philandering.

  3. There is no excuse for cheating, if it had been d other way round it is not dis one we will be hearing. She said it from d beginning it was a deal breaker n she chose her path. No need staying where u r no happy or always suspicious of d others movement . There is more to life .

  4. Imagine if just one sin is a deal breaker for God..?
    Imagine how many times we flip as humans..
    Cheating isn’t good but forgiveness does heal from both partners.
    Thank God she didn’t serve sniper for a revenge..
    What’s the assurances that the next man will stay absolutely commited..
    Life goes on though.


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