Divorce Story 63: Sheila, I Still Don’t Understand What Happened.

Divorce marriage story 63

Hi Ross,

my name is Sheila and this is my divorce tale. I thought I was happily married until my husband suddenly said he wasn’t interested in the marriage any longer.

I was born to comfortable parents. I lacked nothing as I grew up. I got a good job almost immediately after graduation. I was set up on a blind date and that was how I met my husband. My colleagues thought it would be cool to ‘hook’ me up. We didn’t get along so well on our first date but he seemed nice even though he was distant.

We didn’t see each other again until a couple of months later.  I was to travel for training in Lagos and coincidentally he was travelling too on the same flight. I saw him first as we boarded and called out to him. He was surprised to see me and this time we had a better rapport. We agreed to see each other after our business in Lagos.

A day before I had to travel back, after my training, we went out on a date. It was a lovely one and this was where I fell I love with Samson.  He honestly didn’t let on his feelings for me. He still kept his emotions from me even though we communicated well.

I honestly was not expecting him to propose when he did because he hadn’t shown me that he loved me deeply even though he had said it on some occasions. Well, he did propose in a romantic way and it was a pleasant surprise. We had a big wedding with family and friends in attendance. We partied till late in the evening. I was excited about being married and looked forward to happily ever after.

My ten years of marriage was uneventful. I know it sounds strange but I’m often amazed when I hear people talk about fighting with their spouses or issues with in-laws. My husband never picked a fight with me and even when the children came it didn’t cause any form of a rift between us. Of course, children changed a lot of things in our routine but whenever it was going to lead to any argument, my husband would let me have my way.

My husband would get so engrossed in work or in himself. At some point, I thought he was cheating but I didn’t find any evidence to prove this. I didn’t have his attention for long. He always seemed to be in a hurry to end our conversations. I began to talk to his friends to find out what his problem was. I even took to visiting the gym just in case it was my weight gain after childbearing.

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One day as I woke up to prepare the children for school, I found a note he had left me. It simply said he was sorry for his behaviour but that he wanted a divorce. I was shattered and began to call him but he did not take my calls. I managed to take my children to school and then went to his office. I was not allowed to see him. I called my mother and told her everything. She resorted to prayers and urged me to find out why his sudden change of attitude.
I ran from pillar to post while my husband went to an undisclosed location. I didn’t see him for weeks until I got a letter from his lawyer. He really wanted that divorce. I knew my marriage would not be the same if I forced it so I signed the papers. He paid me generously.

The whole thing seems so ridiculous but I know that God was probably saving me from something. It’s been almost six years after that divorce. My ex and I are cordial now. I have the children with me and he visits every month. My mother’s theory is that he probably got mixed up in some fetish stuff and didn’t want to infect me with it.

He’s doing well for himself but hasn’t even remarried. I’m still here wondering what went wrong. Thank you for reading.

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  1. If he’s letting he is letting u win arguments, chances are he didn’t have a choice than to give in. This doesn’t make make him a man in the house. Women these days are hard to please and live with. He has a past and his marriage with you did not help erase or brought joy to that past.

  2. He was not meant for you. That’s the more reason is good to allow the holy spirit to lead you when it comes to marriage.

      • God is still giving people who really need Him the Holy Spirit. Before a holy God will live in a human being born in sin and shaped in iniquity. That being must be ready to be cleaned up inside out cause God is holy. In the process of getting cleaned up, you must confess all your sins to Him and tell Him from heart that you are sorry. Then you must get yourself sanctified. This sanctification process is the time you will ask the Lord to please take away all your filthiness I e all your smoking if you are a smoker, immortality if you are doing that, lying etc. When the Lord sees that you are clean enough then the Holy Spirit which is God himself will come and dwell in you. God bless you

  3. So painful u will keep asking urself wat u did wrong but in this life watever will be will be, maybe he wasn’t meant for u


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