Divorce Story 75: Kimberly, Two Can Play, The Game?

Divorce Story 74: Kimberly, Two Can Play, The Game?

My name is Kimberly, this is my divorce story. I did something foolish and it cost me my marriage. Do you know how they say an eye for an eye, a tooth for another? That was exactly what I thought I was doing until it backfired.

My marriage was barely 3years old when it went under. Hurt drove me into a useless vendetta. Let me begin by saying that I got married out of desperation, I felt I was running out of time, everyone around me was getting married and he seemed a good catch at the time, little did I know that I was walking right into a deep mess.

My husband had been lying and cheating on me from the get-go of our marriage. At first, everything was going great until I noticed his strange behaviour a few months after he changed jobs. This new job made him travel a lot and the times he was around, he would act like my roommate rather than my lover/husband.

Dear Davina, He Is Cheating On Me Openly Without A Care

I tried to spice things up in the marriage thinking that I was the problem but nothing I did yielded any result. It got to a point that we seldom had intercourse (maybe once or twice in a month). Seeing how asexual he was, I knew something was wrong: if he wasn’t getting laid by me, then he’s got to be getting it somewhere else.

So I kept my eyes on him (even though it was hard to do, considering his frequent travels) and found out he had been steadily cheating the whole time.

Marriage Woes, Cheating Husband

I also found out he was on several social media platforms, flirting around. He had chicks on Instagram, Badoo, and Tinder (to mention a few) who he masturbates all the time with. I knew he used to be on Tinder and Badoo before we got married but he stopped or so I thought until I found out he didn’t.

Every time I tried to talk to him about us and what he was doing, he got defensive and claimed that I always accused him of doing nothing. Most of our talks end up in an argument. Sometimes, he would never respond or will just leave the house claiming he had work to do.

Even when I caught him flirting, he still wouldn’t beg for forgiveness. I always ended up giving up these issues as if nothing happened. He kept at his reckless ways despite my confrontations, pleas and tears. The only thing he did well was that he cared for me financially. I was living in luxury but in serious discomfort.

At some point, I decided to seek ways to make him suffer for hurting me consistently, so I thought to myself that since he was cheating without remorse, two can play that game.

Two Can play…

Maybe it was because I watch too many movies and had come across similar stories to mine online, I got influenced to also cheat. So I went and got me a boyfriend to keep me company whenever my cheating husband had gone on his hunting spree. Refusing to be bothered about him anymore, I was having the time of my life as well, Until it, all went south.

Things got messy on a new year’s day, close to the third year of our marriage. Husband lied to me that he had a work training (Imagine training on the first day of the year). Anyways, because I also had plans, I did not bother him. I actually drove him to the airport and on my way back, I scheduled a meeting with my manfriend and he offered to come to pick me at the house.

I never planned to have sex in my house, I was being careful, but as he came over, everything happened so fast and we had mind-blowing sex twice, and I reached orgasm in between. We both slept off right after, as we were both tired.

I don’t know what really happened to my husband’s flight, but he came back home. Unknown to me, he had been calling my phone but because I was sleeping, I did not hear it ring. So the husband took an Uber home.

Yawa and Path to Divorce

My dumb boyfriend, instead of rousing me to go get the door, rushed to check who it was at the door and that was how he met my husband who began questioning him. Having realized his goof, my boyfriend tried to run past my husband in escape but hubby caught him and they engaged in a scuffle. My boyfriend overpowered my husband and even broke his head with a flower vase causing my husband to faint.

All these went on without me knowing because I was still fast asleep, it was when my boyfriend saw my husband was on the floor, bleeding, that he ran to wake me up. I panicked and ran out of the room naked and confused because I thought my husband was dead.

When I felt his heart and it was still beating, I hurriedly dressed up, picked my car keys and with the help of my boyfriend carried him to the car. As I rushed him to the hospital, My boyfriend went his way.

At the hospital, the doctor said he would be fine and placed him on bed rest after reviving him. At first, I thought my husband had partial memory loss, as he wasn’t saying anything to me after regaining consciousness. He acted like he couldn’t remember what happened. I was a bit relieved but was also wary as I wasn’t sure what was going on in his mind. A lot was going on in my head as we made our way home.

Separation and Divorce

On getting home, my husband went to the guest room and locked himself in all day, this was the 2nd day of the year. One would think someone died that day, considering the kind of gloom that hung in the air.

After thinking much, I fell asleep late into the night, only to wake up and my husband was gone. He had taken a few of his personal effects and left the house without telling me.

Thinking that hubby and I would talk when he came back, I was ready to come clean with him as I couldn’t stand the cold war he was putting up. However, I waited up all day and night and there was no sign of my husband, his phone lines were unreachable and he didn’t show up the following day as well.

I began to get really worried and contacted his family, who seemed to be withholding his whereabouts from me.

After a week of being an emotional wreck, I called his younger brother on phone again, knowing fully well that he was withholding my husband’s whereabouts from me. At that point, he blurted out that my husband had told them what happened and felt he was no longer safe with me.

Which was why he left our house. His brother hung up on me before I could even reply or explain what happened to him. That was how I got estranged from my husband. His people returned my bride price to my family the following month and that was it. I’ve not been the same ever since.

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