You just fell in love and you just can’t wait to tell him how you feel. You have butterflies in your stomach and you just want to shout out.

Hold up… before you bring the roof down, are you really sure it’s love? Are you really sure you love him that much?

Ask yourself, will you feel like this next week, next month, next year, in five years’ time?

Well… there’s a way to know. Ask yourself these 4 questions to be sure.

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  1. Do you keep secrets?

A couple in love has no walls, boundaries or secrets. Oftentimes, a couple in lust holds back their true self.

  1. Do you have a deep, lasting friendship?

If so, you may be well on your way to loving your partner. A relationship built on a foundation without friendship has little to fall back on.

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  1. Do you often feel jealous or needy?

A couple in love is one that trusts one another, regardless of the situation.

A couple in lust, who looks only to sex, often finds reasons to be jealousof others’ wandering eyes.

  1. Do you expect perfection from your partner? 

Being in love means being accepting of every flaw, imperfection and otherwise from your partner.

Those in lust, however, often expect them to look perfect, perform perfect, and act perfect around friends and family for the relationship to appear good.




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