Divorce is nothing more than the legal breakup of a marriage which has already broken up of a marriage which has already broken up: long before the divorce is settled.

And even when the cause is infidelity, divorce can be prevented by avoiding the unfaithfulness.

Your marriage may fail because of the following reasons:

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The earlier the marriage, the greater are the chances of it ending in divorce. People are pressured into getting married every day, especially in this part of the world. Once a girl reaches the age of twenty-five and no eligible suitor comes forward, the society begins to look at her in a certain way…sometimes when she sees pre-wedding photos of her friends she feels bad…but no one should pressurize into getting married or you’ll regret it…

Take your time, and assess this person you’re getting married to…know them for who they are….know their flaws and what you’ll be able to handle…don’t go into marriage in a rush or you’ll come out in a rush…do not enter blinded or you’ll be surprised.


The ages of the couples matter in a marriage….because with the ages come some characteristics which may not be pleasant for the other partner.

For example, a woman who is menopausal, menopause with its changes in emotions and personality. It can even lead to depression which would cut the woman’s connection to the other partner…

Or maybe the man is undergoing male menopause, which produces irritability, indecision and a certain amount of sexual weakness.

All of these factors, masculine and feminine, are capable of causing marital strife and can lead to divorce.

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Normally, during the first two years of marriage, there are no divorces, since passion and enthusiasm tend to chase off any large problems

Between two to ten years of marriage is the period when one really comes to know the partner.

Around five or seven years into the marriage, the first marital crisis occurs, which may lead to divorce.

After twenty to twenty-five years of marriage, another crisis occurs when the children leave home. At this time some women no longer fulfilled by raising children, want to free themselves from subjection to their husbands. This is especially true in marriages where the domination of the husband has been extreme.


After a number of years of marriage, the couple enters into a period of boredom and tension. Family responsibilities, an unsatisfactory professional life which cannot be changed, problems with children and daily routine can all cause the couple to forget to share intimacies and conversation.

Loneliness, lack of communication, sour discussions, make both partners feel progressively farther away from the other and can lead them to look for new friends separately.


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