Use and care of your egg beauty-blender


beauty blender egg 2

If there’s anything a woman needs to have in her beauty pouch these days, its the new wonder working beauty blender; a sponge which has recently become a must have among makeup artists and skin-care gurus for its major versatility. While it’s generally marketed as a foundation applicator, it has a whole host of other uses.

For Make-up
To make the best use of it, dip into fresh clean room temperature water and squeeze out the excess liquid, due to its porous cell structure, the Beauty blender will absorb just the right amount of product onto its surface, allowing for a very natural-looking application of makeup.

For Exfoliating
For the best result, apply a pea size of exfoliator to the sponge, make light, firm circular motions on your face and then rinse with lukewarm water.

beauty blender egg

For Contouring
The small tapered end of the Beauty blender is just as effective at adding definition to your face as an angled, fluffy brush since it can easily fit in areas like the sides and bridge of the nose that you’d want to define.

The best way to maintain and care for your sponge is to wash it by submerging it in cold water then soak it in the Blender Cleanser, squeezing it gently until it lathers, rinsing in cold water, and then setting it out on a towel until it dries, use no later than 3 months.